White House Distracts from Hunter Biden Twitter Files by Calling Them ‘Distraction’


The White House staff of Democrat President Joe “Murky Family Deals” Biden has finally acknowledged the emergence of the Twitter Files about pro-Biden Twitter censorship on Hunter’s laptop – only to dismiss their outrageous revelations as “a distraction.”

So Truth Is ‘Haphazard’ Now?

Since last Friday, Elon Musk, Twitter’s new owner, has been supplying internal corporate documents to journalist Matt Taibbi, whose releases show that the social media platform completely censored the Hunter Biden laptop revelations ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

The so-called Twitter Files demonstrated that Joe Biden’s presidential campaign gave Twitter directions as to what tweets on Hunter Biden to delete, and the Big Tech firm’s staffers happily complied.

The act of censoring the shocking foreign business deals and promiscuous lifestyle revelations about Hunder Biden may have cost former president Donald Trump the White House as the truth would likely have been highly damaging to Joe Biden’s candidacy.

Press Secretary Dismisses Truth and Justice as Unimportant Trifles

On Monday, Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, became the first White House official to comment on the Twitter Files – except she sought to distract from them and disparage the mind-blowing revelations of collusion between the Biden Democrats and Big Tech social media.

Among other things, Jean-Pierre claimed the latest revelations about the suspicious Hunter Biden affairs were “old news” and insisted Elon Musk used the Twitter Files to distract the American public from the platform’s problems with “hate speech.”

Calling it a “distraction… full of old news,” Biden’s White House press chief blasted Musk for his “haphazard pushing” of the Hunter laptop revelations, as cited by The Daily Mail. 

She called that further an “interesting… coincidence,” as she ranted about how Twitter had “very real and very serious” trouble with the platform’s growing expressions of “anger, hate, and antisemitism.” 

Lefties’ Comfort Matters More Than American Democracy?

Jean-Pierre behaved as though the lefties’ moans that conservatives are finally being treated fairly on Twitter and Marxist-Communist extremism is being tackled were more important than the mind-blowing exposure of how her boss and the Democrats as a whole are in bed with big tech to circumvent the most important traits of America’s long-standing democracy – for the sake of power, enrichment and hiding the truth. 

To top it all off, Jean-Pierre thought it would be an excellent idea to quote Joe “Multiple Gaffes” Biden by last week stated that “more leaders” should be speaking out and “rejecting” the alleged rise of “hate speech” on Twitter because that was “very alarming and dangerous.” 

Sleepy Joe has not commented on the fresh Twitter Files in any form. Instead, he has been denying any knowledge of his son’s business affairs and sticking by that claim even as more and more revelations have been fueling suspicions in that regard. 

A voicemail message found on Hunter Biden’s laptop backup of his iPhone, seemingly left by Joe Biden himself in December 2018, appears to suggest that the Democrat president is well-aware of his prodigal First Son’s affairs. 

One of Hunter Biden’s former associates, Tony Bobulinski, has claimed that Joe Biden has been the “big boss” in his son’s business affairs with regimes that are America’s enemies such as Communist China and Putin’s Russia.