WATCH: Creepy Video Shows Top Globalist Talking About World Domination


Power is inevitable, but it depends who has it. In our world today, alliances of globalist elites who believe in a one-world government and many other totalitarian dreams are the ones with the most power.

During the pandemic, the existence of certain groups like the World Economic Forum and its creator Klaus Schwab, came to the forefront, for example.

Why Does Schwab Matter?

Schwab matters because, in many ways, he was a thought leader about the pandemic. He also wrote a book about the opportunities and positive side of a pandemic for transforming the world into a neo-feudal techno-state.

Now, a new video has been unearthed of Schwab talking about the globalist plan to indoctrinate youth. If that sounds like an exaggeration, it’s not.

Schwab Speaks

Speaking at a conference, we hear Schwab bragging about the WEF’s “Global Education Initiative” and how getting the ideas of globalism into kids’ minds is extremely important.

Saying it’s key to “revolutionize” education, Schwab says cultural and political Marxism via the school system will be a key to the global plan to raise new generations of compliant kids.

The WEF made waves several times during the pandemic, including a video celebrating lockdowns for helping the environment. There were various quotes of Schwab coming out about his happiness at moving into a new digital passport and technocratic world via the pandemic.

Their ad showing a man smiling about a future where he owned nothing also became a popular meme as people mocked the elitist Marxists for their deranged plans.

What Do The Globalists Want?

What the globalists want is simple: they want full control. They want to have their ideology running the world’s finances, economies, cultures, nations, and media.

That’s why this speech from Schwab is so important, because it highlights just how out in the open this all is. None of this is a conspiracy; it’s their direct agenda.

There’s a reason Schwab and his colleagues want to push extremist gender theory, critical race theory, environmental fanaticism, and more in schools.

It’s because they want to shape a new generation of radical revolutionaries who will overthrow the old order and usher in a high-tech dictatorship.

The reason for the focus on renting instead of owning is also clear: it’s so that you are at the full dependence on the central state and can’t ultimately own, eat, drive, or be anything other than what they let you be.

Don’t comply? Say goodbye to your apartment for a week and enjoy the streets (or worse).

The Bottom Line

People like Klaus Schwab are extremely influential. They have many world leaders who look up to them and their ideas. This would be fine if their ideas made sense and had a positive vision for humanity, but they do not.

They are dictatorial, creepy, and horrifying ideas about creating Chinese-style gulag societies full of oppressed people. Share this far and wide.