VP Harris Emerges as Top Choice to Replace Biden in 2024 Amid Growing Concerns


A new poll indicates Vice President Kamala Harris is the leading contender to replace President Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket if he withdraws from the 2024 presidential race. Biden’s recent underwhelming debate performance has intensified discussions within the Democratic Party about the need for a potential replacement​​.

The Data for Progress poll, conducted last Friday, revealed Harris as the top pick among Democratic voters, with 39% favoring her as Biden's replacement. The poll surveyed 1,011 likely voters, including 387 Democrats, and carries a margin of error of three percentage points​​. California Governor Gavin Newsom followed with 18%, while Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg garnered 10% support​​.

Despite the growing momentum for Harris, Biden’s campaign has firmly stated that the president is not stepping down. "Joe Biden is not dropping out," campaign spokesman Seth Schuster reiterated, underscoring the administration’s commitment to the re-election bid​​.The discussions about Biden's replacement reflect broader concerns about his viability as a candidate due to his age and recent performance issues. "Folks, I don’t walk as easy as I used to… But I know how to do this job," Biden responded at a recent rally, aiming to reassure supporters about his capability to lead​.

If Biden were to step aside, the Democratic Party would face the challenge of selecting a new nominee through a convention process, a system that has not been activated in decades. This scenario could trigger an open and unpredictable race among various Democratic leaders, including Harris, Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and others​​.

The polling data also shows significant support for other candidates: Senator Cory Booker received 7%, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer 6%, and Senators Amy Klobuchar and Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker each at 2%. However, Harris remains the most favored, partly due to her current role and visibility within the administration.

The prospect of replacing Biden is fraught with uncertainty and potential risks. Political analysts caution that a new candidate would need to rapidly gain favorability on the national stage, which could prove challenging. "A Biden replacement is just as easy to take a beating in his or her favorability after being vetted on the national scene," noted Thomas Gift, an associate professor of political science at University College London​​.

As the Democratic Party navigates this complex situation, the focus remains on maintaining unity and presenting a strong candidate capable of challenging the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, in the 2024 election​​.

In summary, while Vice President Kamala Harris currently stands as the top choice to replace President Biden, the path to such a transition is layered with procedural and political hurdles. The Democratic Party must weigh these considerations carefully as they approach the 2024 presidential race.


  1. The most stupid and most despised VP with the lowest popularity of all previous VPs is Democrats’ last best hope. You just can’t make this stuff up.

  2. Pay back can and is a bitch; now that you have ushered all the Democrats out and have nothing left but Kamala well woopdy do for you but that leaves the American people well, what do we do now ?? Thanks a lot!!!


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