Unspoken Reason for Joe Biden to Step Aside: A Compelling Call for Change


As the United States gears up for the 2020 Presidential Election, the Democratic Party faces a crucial decision – whether or not to nominate Joe Biden as their candidate. While the former Vice President has been seen as a top contender for the position, a recent revelation has sparked a heated debate within the party. This surprising reason may just be the final push for Biden to gracefully step aside.

It all began with an insightful opinion piece, which exposed a lesser-known aspect of Biden's political career. A call for change that has been long overdue. The article highlighted the need for the Democratic Party to move forward with a fresh face, rather than relying on the same old political figures. This was not a mere criticism, but a compelling argument backed by solid reasoning.

One of the key points raised was the stark contrast between the current political landscape and the one Biden entered into decades ago. With the rise of social media and the shift towards a more progressive society, the demands and expectations of a leader have drastically changed. The article pointed out that while Biden may have been a competent politician in his prime, he may not be able to keep up with the rapidly evolving times.

Moreover, the piece shed light on the importance of diversity and representation in politics. With calls for more inclusivity and equal representation gaining momentum, it is crucial for the Democratic Party to choose a candidate who reflects these values. As the article pointed out, Biden's lengthy political career may not accurately represent the diverse voices of the American people, especially in this crucial time of change.

Another surprising reason for Biden to step aside, as highlighted by the article, was the need for a new approach to tackling current issues. With pressing issues such as healthcare, climate change, and social justice at the forefront, it is essential to have a leader who can bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the table. While Biden's experience may be an asset, it may also hinder the possibility of implementing progressive changes.

Furthermore, the piece emphasized the potential for backlash if Biden were to become the Democratic nominee. With his controversial track record, especially in regards to women's rights, there is a high chance of alienating a significant portion of the electorate. This could prove detrimental to the party's chances of winning the election and ultimately bringing about the change that is desperately needed.

As the article concluded, the time has come for the Democratic Party to look beyond the familiar faces and take a bold step towards progress. The piece made a compelling argument for Biden to step aside and make way for a more suitable candidate who embodies the values and ideals of the current generation. This is not just about one man's political career, but about paving the way for a better future for all.

In conclusion, as the Democratic Party continues to deliberate on their nominee for the upcoming Presidential Election, it is crucial to consider all factors, including the surprising reason for Joe Biden to step aside. This is not a call for division, but a call for unity and progress. The American people deserve a leader who truly represents their voices and can lead them towards a brighter future. Will the Democratic Party heed this call for change? Only time will tell.

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  1. Why don’t you stop the excuses and just state the truth. He is a sick, elderly man who can’t make rational decisions. The whole world is aware of it. Stop sugar coating the truth and be honest about it.

  2. The comment about “Kamahaha” quote,being “smarter than me”, pretty much summarizes Mr. B’s mental state. The idea that a “lightweight” that simply laughs and giggles about everything and never says or does anything meaningful and yet is “smarter” than oneself is a very troubling warning as to his own mental capacity.

    The real danger and what everyone should be concerned about regarding the future of our nation and form of government, is the question of exactly who the individuals and organizations are that are “pulling the strings” that actually control and manipulate these two “puppets”!

    This is the issue that needs to be determined and exposed to the electorate of our country.

  3. Let’s Impeach his sorry ass first, at least in the House so that it would live in the history books . We know he will never be prosecuted for his crimes.

  4. There’s a reason there has only been 15 democrat presidents. They want socialism even though it has been proven not to work. All one has to do is look at the democrat run states that are total shit holes.

  5. “Democratic (Party) values”? What are those “values”? Well, on a public relations and policy front they are a conglomeration of failed social programs, disproven and disastrous economic programs which combine the worst aspects of socialism and capitalism, and cynical manipulation of created crises from COVID to “climate change” which provide “cover” for the arrogation of government power. If Joe Biden, as this article implies, actually is dangerous to the successful pursuit of those policies, then that is the one redeeming feature of his otherwise failed Presidency. The reality (the “real reality”) of “Democratic (Party) values”, however, is simply the perpetuation of power for the sake of power (with a healthy helping of graft thrown in) and, in that regard, Biden is the best exemplar of Democratic Party values – this is a guy whose sole purpose, the very leitmotif of his entire political career is the perpetuation of political power. You serve your time as a “good soldier Schweik” in the Democratic ranks and, in the end, you get your chance at the brass ring. Biden is a shallow, shady, nonentity whose sole claim to his Party’s support is that he tied in, early on, with the then “power elite” of the Party (guys like Robert Byrd), which put his name on the list for advancement. His only qualification for the Presidency is that he got his name on the list early and he managed to live long enough to collect, despite the utter lack of any quality or qualification that would fit him for the role.

  6. I want him to stay. Easy to beat so badly that the Dems (regardless of their supposed values) can’t even figure out how to cheat that big without getting caught. They need to preserve their cheat vehicles and I don’t know that they think Biden is worth it.


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