Unprecedented Second Juror Removed After Being Sworn In


In a shocking twist of events, the legal system has once again been plagued by controversy as a second juror was removed from a high-profile case after being sworn in. This unsettling development has sparked outrage and concern among conservative voices, who view it as a blatant attack on the integrity of the justice system.

As the trial unfolded, the conservative community held their breath in anticipation, hoping for a fair and impartial verdict. However, their hopes were quickly dashed when it was revealed that the second juror had been dismissed due to undisclosed biases. This raises serious questions about the validity and fairness of the entire jury selection process.

To make matters worse, this is not the first time a juror has been removed from the case. The fact that not one, but two jurors have been dismissed, further calls into question the validity of the remaining jurors and their ability to render an unbiased decision. It seems as though the justice system is being manipulated to fit a certain narrative, rather than uphold the principles of justice.

From a conservative perspective, the removal of this second juror only adds fuel to the fire of doubt and mistrust in the legal system. It begs the question, who is really pulling the strings behind the scenes? Is justice truly blind, or is it being swayed by political agendas and personal biases?

Many in the conservative community are demanding answers and transparency from the court. How can we trust the outcome of this trial when the jury itself is being tainted? It is a disheartening and alarming reality that justice may not prevail in this case.

Furthermore, the timing of this dismissal raises even more suspicions. With the trial in its crucial stages, it seems convenient that this juror was removed now, potentially altering the course of the trial. It is a calculated move that undermines the credibility of the entire legal process.

The removal of this second juror also highlights the importance of thorough and unbiased jury selection. The fact that this juror was able to slip through the cracks and be sworn in, only to be removed later, speaks volumes about the flaws in the system. This is a wake-up call for the justice system to re-evaluate and improve its jury selection process.

In conclusion, the latest developments in this high-profile trial have left the conservative community reeling with anger and disbelief. It is a clear indication that justice is not blind and that the legal system is being manipulated for ulterior motives. As the trial continues, the conservative community will be closely watching and demanding accountability for the fairness and integrity of the outcome.

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  1. I think that they should have the trial after the election. So if there people behind this they can’t push their thoughts!

  2. I don’t see how anyone can believe that this man is innocent of all charges. It is so out in the open what he has done not only now but his whole life let’s get it over with and put him in jail.

  3. The defense atty gets to pick! That means they’ll pick biased redneck Oathkeepers, Proud Boys, Mafia, maggots to PROTECT their guy! The pimp whore Con “Don” “john” would already be in prison if he wasn’t like Gotti that kept getting mafia to tamper with jury to get him off.

  4. I agree with this. Much as I dislike the defendant, this is America where we are innocent until proven guilty regardless of our personal feelings and political beliefs. I don’t believe moving the trial, it’s their case. But would a lie detector work for the jury? Something has to be done, or if the wrong decision for him is voted, this trial will happen again and again.

  5. I feel its a total disgrace to our country all this harassment and double standards we have in this country. We have judges that are haters of President Trump trying to run these joke of running a court even with Trump haters as jurors. How is that justice. Furthermore all these so called court hearings are a joke and scam. They are using years ago garbage and lies from people who are known liars. Women who say they have been raped by President Trump, really. If it were so they would have complained that day NOT years later. That so called woman who has scammed President Trump should have never been listened to or heard when so much time has escaped. I feel she is 100% scam artist trying to get rich on the rich, very shameful our judiciary system is 100% corrupted. All this crap on President Trump, yet we have a dishonest person in office that’s a liar and gotten lots of money from other country’s, yet he walks, plus we can’t forget his very corrupt son who’s done stuff normal people would go to jail for and they would throw away the key. I’m feed up with these double standards and last 2 things what normal individual or people would have open border system like this country has right now. With out borders you have no country, plus getting rid of that pipe line was really a very stupid thing to do. Being spiteful really shows your maturity. That’s not looking out for the American people. If you really love this country you would look after the American people. PERIOD I’m sorry just fed up with double standards, and how President Trump is treated. He’s not perfect who is, Jesus.

  6. There is not much unusual about what is going on at this trial. The unusual thing is we have an ex-president facing so many criminal charges. What would you expect?

  7. If you think all politicians are crooked you are probably 98% right but the % of NY 88 percenters falling into that category is certainly increasing. The reason for the 88 percenters is the other 12% probably don’t have the $ to move out.

  8. It virtually impossible to find an unbiased jury due to the fact that Trump was president for four years. The public has an opinion of him whether good or bad, but an opinion nevertheless. It is unlike any other trial in history. In a normal trial, there are always people who have never heard of the defendant and can be unbiased, but not in this case.

  9. They are trying to get all Democrats on the jury that will prosecute Trump on these false charges. It is time for the US Supreme Court to step in and put a stop to all of these charges, indictment and fines in all cases filed against Trump. They are fake charges.
    They want to go after Trump, but look the other way on Biden, Obama, Pelosi and Clinton. Biden has had ‘Classified Documents’ since he was in the Senate, which is ILLEGAL, and is a felon for him to have those documents. Our Judicial System is messed up. All of these charges against Trump, the other countries are laughing at America, because they also know these are not legal charges.

  10. The jury selection process works, in criminal cases because the jurors don’t have a stake in the outcome. It’s a whole new ball game, when the case is politically motivated, and the jurors are put in a position to rule, on their political position instead of innocence or guilt.

  11. I hope President Trump comes out of this trial looking better than ever. Too many people riding on his coattails for stardom/recognition they have not earned. I think he was a good president whlle in office, could stand up to other country leaders with respect and not afraid. And most of all, he cares about the United States.

  12. Just another witch hunt by the DemocRats to eliminate Trump from being elected President. They will not stop as they are morally and ethically corrupt. Trump has exposed the deep state and this is another attempt to cover up the money laundering which goes back into their pockets.


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