Trump Calls to Suspend the Constitution


Even though (according to the left) President Trump has been attempting social suicide for some time, he nevertheless enjoys some sizable (though dwindling) levels of political popularity.

Up until this point, his biggest error was criticizing well-liked winners like Kemp as well as DeSantis. However, it appears that the decline in support brought on by those errors was inadequate to force him out of the race for the presidency.

That appears to worry him, evidently. Trump has made the decision to test the limits of his insanity before his popularity completely evaporates.

Trump Losing Support?

According to the left, Trump’s perceived attack on the Constitution itself has contributed to him squandering all support and legitimacy.

In an attempt to reinstate him as US president, for example, he has literally called for the suspending of the Constitution.

Let’s consider what he is stating and examine it from an ethical and a political standpoint.

According to leftist columnists: There are a number of blatantly obvious aspects of Trump’s remark that are just plain politically foolish.

Very, truly silly, Even if there were no ethical or constitutional obstacles to dismissing the Constitution or holding a new election, it would still be politically foolish.

Here’s the Thing…

America is grappling with enormous economic, global, and domestic conflicts that are driving the country apart. Only a tiny minority is interested in renewing the 2020 election dispute. That is not just immediately evident, but the midterm elections in 2022 add a cherry on top of that truth.

Candidates who focused on the 2020 elections in the past lost, while those who focused on problems to be solved in the future won.

In spite of all the difficulties we confront, picture a successful coup or ad hoc presidential campaign. International anarchy would result if our allies and enemies saw a weak, divided America. That would be disastrous.

The global economy would be far more disturbed than it is. A huge calamity of epic proportions would result.

In the midst of all the challenges we face, picture a triumphant coup d’état or a last-minute presidential race. Global chaos would result if our allies and adversaries saw the United States as weak and divided. It would be disastrous.

The effects on the world economy would be much more severe. A disaster of monumental proportions would result. This might not be the case, but it is certainly what those on the left seem to think will happen.

They say: Except for a few people who want to destroy it, no one truly wants that. Trump would suffer a huge loss in an election because of criticism for making matters even worse than it is now.

Time to Fight New Battles

The United States has decided to give up on 2020. It’s a dated tale. Politically, Jan. 6th and electoral fraud are histories.

What should I do first? None of Trump’s recommendations have any legal support. He initially suggests doing away with all legal restrictions because of this.

In essence, he is saying that in order to make things right, we must destroy everything. In essence, this is how Caesar became well-known.

Caesar never proclaimed the end of the Roman Republic, therefore the same safeguards continued to exist in theory. just suspended for the duration of his rule.