Tragedy at Southern Border as BORDER AGENT Caught Up in Chase


America’s southern border has always been an unpredictable and wild place.

But for the past several decades it’s become a no man’s land run by cartels and manned by brave border agents trying to protect the law.

While the Democrats open up the border and perform catch and release, tragedies are occurring.

We all remember in April when a Texas National Guard member Specialist Bishop Evans died by drowning while trying to rescue an illegal immigrant in Eagle Pass, Texas.

Now a new tragedy has struck about four hours south in Mission, Texas after an ATV chase gone wrong.

Agent Killed During ATV Chase

Mission is just across the border from the Mexican city of Reynosa, which is extremely dangerous and full of trafficking cartels and migrants desperate to get into America.

On Wednesday morning, a US Customs and Border Patrol agent got on his ATV to chase migrants who had crossed the border illegally.

While in pursuit of them he struck a fence at extremely high speed and was found unconscious.

The crash occurred around 1 am on Wednesday in dark conditions. Fellow agents tried to save him and called an ambulance, but he died after being taken to hospital.

This border agent, who has not been named, leaves behind two kids and has shocked and saddened the border patrol family as they face the reality of doing a dangerous job that few appreciate.

Biden’s Response to the Border Crisis

This tragedy on Wednesday came the day after Biden visited Arizona on Tuesday. During this time he ignored the crisis and said that there were many “more important” matters for the American people to worry about.

While being close to the border, Biden refused to visit for this reason, saying it’s not his priority right now.

It may not be Biden’s priority, but for brave agents on the frontline, downplaying what’s happening at the border is not a possibility. They have a job to do and that job can get very dangerous.

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz responded to this agent’s death with a heartfelt statement that he put out about the incident and what happened.

He noted that this is a “tremendous loss” for border patrol and that the whole border patrol is “praying” for this man’s family and kids.

At the very least, if there’s a lack of support felt from the top, border patrol is supporting each other and coming together during this time of intense tragedy.

Rest in Peace

Rest in peace to this border agent. In a dangerous and lawless world, he tried to do what was right. The only consolation is that his children will be able to grow up knowing their father was a genuine hero.