Shocking: Democrat Introduces Racist Legislation


Democrats aren’t interested in hearing about “content of character,” even if it is on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Absurd Legislation

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee has presented legislation that may make the condemnation of minorities by white people a federal crime. She has long been considered the vapidest representative in Congress. Wait, is saying that now a crime?

A white person who “vilifies” any non-white individual and has their statements posted on social media (where they can be seen by individuals inclined to participate in any activity in continuation of a white supremacy-motivated hate crime) would be guilty of a federal crime.

That’s according to the bill, which is an absurd and confusing mess.

The clause is so broad that a Mack truck might pass through it. According to this law, what constitutes a “hate crime” influenced by white supremacy? What exactly is “replacement theory?”

What Democrats refer to as “replacement theory” to discredit Republicans frequently isn’t replacement theory at all, but merely a repetition of their own, openly confessed, desire to exploit immigration to sway elections.

Additionally, it’s crucial that “or” be used in section (B) because it leaves or “vilifies” as a stand-alone qualification. What is the major constraint in that situation?

Does it count as “vilification” under this new rule if I write on social networking sites that Shelia Jackson Lee is an extremely uneducated, unpleasant person who has a tradition of treating her staff like garbage? It would seem to be the case.

There is also the conspiracy element to consider. The two or more individuals targeted by this legislation do not appear to be required under the law to really be related to one another.

If a person is the victim of a white supremacy-inspired criminal act and I have been politically criticizing that same individual on social networking sites, even if it is justified, I would have violated the law and been guilty of committing a federal crime.

Political Criticism Now a Crime?

If passed, this rule would be employed to stifle legitimate political criticism of any non-white individual or group (such as the Black Lives Matter movement), as those who do so risk facing criminal penalties.

It also reveals a mad authoritarian ambition on the part of Lee and those who share her viewpoints, despite the fact doing so would be a flagrant violation of the First Amendment.

Not only is this proposed piece of legislation completely insane, it actually happens to be racist as well.

It effectively means any white person may be prosecuted for their innocent opinion of another person’s character, but a black person will not be. Isn’t that the definition of discrimination?

For precisely that reason, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy ought to put it to a vote. Put this foolish, condescending nonsense on the table and require each Democrat to sign a statement.