Russia Preps Nuclear Bombers for Striking Ukraine as Biden Bashes Putin


Russia is amassing dozens of its bombers capable of delivering nuclear weapons at a key air base in what seems to be a preparation for a massive new attack on Ukraine, hopefully with non-nuclear warheads.

This comes as the forces of bloodthirsty Moscow tyrant Vladimir Putin have been suffering one humiliating defeat after another at the hands of the ferocious Ukrainian defenders.

Two Dozen Nuclear Bombers: What Are They Up to?

After conquering a sizable chunk of Ukraine’s territory in their initial invasion stages in February-April, the Russians have been practically on the retreat since then, as the heroic Ukrainian resistance has been making the most of top-notch US and other weapon supplies.

After nearly 9.5 months of fighting, Russia’s military has lost 90,000 killed in action and 18,000 units of heavy military equipment, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

If Putin’s proxies, mercenaries, and auxiliaries are also counted in, that will swell the number of killed Russian fighters to well above 100,000, while Russia’s total losses of killed, missing, wounded, and captured may be about 250,000.

Ukraine’s Losses Mount

Earlier this week, Ukraine’s government announced that it has last about 13,000 troops killed in combat in the war so far, with several times more wounded.

As the Russians have been failing militarily despite Putin’s mass mobilization announced in September, Moscow’s commanders have been carrying out nauseating air strikes on civilian targets such as apartment buildings but, first and foremost, Ukraine’s electricity infrastructure. In addition, it seeks to leave its population in the cold during the winter to break its resolve to fight for freedom.

At least two dozen Soviet-Era nuclear-capable Russian long-range bombers of the Tu-160 and Tu-95 types have been amassed in Saratov, a key airbase in the European part of Russia, south of Moscow, The Daily Mail reported.

These have come with support and repair systems and fuel tanks, fueling the suspicions that Putin is preparing for another massive attack on Ukraine, this time using a fleet of strategic bombers.

In the past few months, Russia has been striking Ukraine with cruise missiles and Iranian killer drones, but it may be running out of both – hence the resorting to nuclear-capable bombers.


‘NATO Impotents’ Targeted by Putin’s Heavy-Drinking Sidekick

According to a military analyst, Arda Mevlutoglu, the “unusually high” number of Russian bombers means “an imminent large-scale attack” on Ukraine.

For the time being, Putin has shied away from dropping one or several nuclear bombs on Ukraine – but a horrifying nuclear attack remains a possibility as far as blood-stained Moscow is

The secretary general of the US-led NATO alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, and US officials have said there are negotiations on whether Ukraine should get US-made Patriot anti-air missile defenses.

A potential supply of Patriot missile systems to Ukraine could be a game changer in several ways. First, it is sure to enrage Moscow, which, while its military falters, may end up resorting to nuclear weapons.

The possibility of equipping Ukraine with Patriots led to a reaction by Russia’s heavily-drinking former President, Dmitry Medvedev, a top Putin ally who, in 2009-2013, took the presidential seat in a figurehead charade to observe Russia’s constitution.

In a drunken post on Telegram, Medvedev insulted the NATO nations – including America – as “impotents” and vowed that any Patriot systems supplied to the “Kyiv fanatics.”

Medvedev has been using more explicit, alcohol-inspired nuclear war threats on social media to the only significant effect of seeming more and more like a helpless drunk. He may be seeking to galvanize Russian extremist circles in a bid to succeed Putin as president someday.