Russia ‘Killed’ Ally’s Foreign Minister, Fellow Dictator Fears for Life, Sources Claim

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Russian assassins appear to be on the loose and killing those who go against Vladimir Putin.

Most recently, Vladimir Makei, the foreign minister of former Soviet republic Belarus, Moscow’s closest ally, “was killed” by “Kremlin assassins,” source claim.

This leaves Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko fearing for his life amid bloodthirsty Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression against its neighbor Ukraine.

Another Sickening Plot like Novichok?

Belarus, a nation of 9 million people, which borders both Russia and Ukraine, and whose territory was used by Putin to invade the latter nine months ago, has been ruled by Lukashenko’s dictatorship since 1994.

It even has an “allied state” treaty with Moscow, with Lukashenko himself skillfully maneuvering to prevent a “merger” that would amount to Russia swallowing his country.

Belarus’s foreign minister Vladimir Makei, 64 and in seemingly good health, died unexpectedly earlier this week.

A former colonel from the Belarusian military, Makei served as Lukashenko’s top diplomat for a decade and was one of the regime’s top officials.

His mysterious death was immediately followed by reports he had been holding secret negotiations with the West over the Russian war on Ukraine, including to prevent Putin’s Russia from taking over Belarus.

Makei Was In Fine Health, Now Dead

The latest video of the Belarusian foreign minister, who had no chronic illnesses, shows him traveling in visibly good condition on a military cargo plane. 

The Belarus regime has not explained his death despite unofficial reports he may have had a heart attack. Makei’s death, however, has left dictator Lukashenko himself “shaken” and fearing for his own life.

So much so that Lukashenko, worried he might be the next assassinated by Moscow, replaced his servants and cooks. 

Russia’s intelligence services have a long history of assassinating or attempting to assassinate Putin’s enemies with chemical weapons such as the Novichok nerve agent. 

After the failed attempt on the life of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny in 2019, experts commented that if such substances are applied in a precise dosage, they may leave no trace and make death seem to be of “natural causes.” 

(east2west news)

‘Ordered by Putin’ to Cut Off Secret Talks with West and China

Leonid Nevzlin, a Putin enemy and a businessman living in exile abroad, is one of the sources claiming that the Kremlin killed Makei through “poisoning developed” in a laboratory of the FSB, the intelligence service that succeeded the Soviet KGB.

Nevzlin cited his sources “close to Russian intelligence services” as saying that the poisoning with Russian chemical agents causes a “clinical picture” of a “stroke or heart failure.”

The Putin foe argued the excellent health condition of Belarus’s foreign minister supported the poisoning theory, as Makei was making plans and led an active lifestyle.

Lukashenko’s top diplomat was about to attend a summit meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Lodz, Poland.

The Polish government had banned Sergey Lavrov, the foreign minister of Putin’s Russia, from attending the event.

The Final Verdict

Nevzlin said a Russian toxicologist had explained all needed to poison a man to mimic a natural death was to “disrupt his balance of enzymes.”

The exiled Russian businessman also argued that Makei’s mysterious passing “caused panic” in the ruling elite of the Belarus dictatorship since the foreign minister was “essentially” the second most important person in the regime.

Meanwhile, a Telegram channel with alleged insider knowledge of the Kremlin, General SVR, claimed that Makei’s “elimination” practically ended Beralus’s “remaining relationships” with the West.

The channel claimed that the top diplomat’s assassination was “planned, prepared and implemented” on Putin’s order, who sought to disrupt Lukashenko’s secret talks with the West and China.