Pentagon Schemes to Force Feed U.S. Troops with Radical Training Exercises


In a troubling revelation, the Pentagon has been accused of forcing politically charged training scenarios on U.S. Army Reserve troops, prompting sharp criticism and allegations of federal law violations. This controversial move has raised serious questions about the Biden administration's handling of military protocols and respect for political neutrality in training exercises.

Earlier this month, a group of U.S. Army Reserve legal offices (LODs) in the Midwest was unexpectedly tasked with a politically biased training exercise during a mandatory weekend drill. The drill, conducted over Microsoft Teams, involved a last-minute scenario where soldiers had to role-play a situation involving the Biden administration's nationalization of Texas National Guard members, ordered by Governor Greg Abbott to handle border security. The fact pattern included graphic and politically charged elements, such as Texas soldiers shooting migrants while shouting "America First".

High-ranking Pentagon officials reportedly monitored the exercise, which many participants felt was an unscheduled and politically motivated deviation from standard training protocols. The scenario explicitly named current political figures, violating the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from engaging in political activities while on duty.

This incident follows a pattern of questionable directives from the Pentagon under the Biden administration. Earlier reports highlighted that U.S. troops were advised to apply for SNAP benefits (food stamps) due to rising costs from inflation, an indication of the administration's failure to adequately support military personnel financially. This guidance was seen as a humiliating acknowledgment of the financial struggles faced by service members.

Furthermore, the recent withdrawal of U.S. troops from Chad and Niger, under chaotic circumstances, has added to the perception of incompetence in the current administration's military policies. In Chad, U.S. military personnel were forced to withdraw after the local government questioned the agreements that allowed U.S. troops to operate there. Similarly, in Niger, a Russian-backed military junta demanded the handover of a $100 million U.S. airbase in exchange for the safe release of trapped American soldiers.

These incidents collectively paint a picture of a Pentagon embroiled in political maneuvering at the expense of military preparedness and morale. The use of politically charged training exercises not only undermines the apolitical nature of military service but also erodes trust within the ranks, potentially compromising the effectiveness of U.S. forces.

The Biden administration's approach has been met with significant backlash from conservative circles, who view these actions as blatant political overreach and a betrayal of the military's core values. Critics argue that such policies and directives compromise the integrity and operational readiness of the U.S. military, calling for a return to traditional, non-partisan training and support systems for the troops.

As these stories continue to unfold, they underscore the need for a rigorous reassessment of the Pentagon's training protocols and support mechanisms under the current administration. The military's primary mission should remain the defense of the nation, free from political interference and focused on maintaining the highest standards of readiness and professionalism.


  1. Why were the soldiers required to use fake ammo when shooting illegal alien invaders? Should have been allowed to use real ammo. That’s my only take on that particular Pentagon fiasco. Training exercise or not, the military are supposed to protect this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I consider illegal alien invaders a threat to this country. Pretty sure families of murdered/raped/robbed/assaulted citizens would agree.

  2. WTF is this gibberish? A training exercise for ARMY Reserve lawyers? But not a hard fact or quote anywhere to be found. Then were talking about some “report”, probably from the Sunshine Tribune, about food stamps for soldiers, then its Bidens supposedly giving a military base in Chad to Russia. All with an overarching but unsupported message Bidens ruining the military. Anyone stupid enough to buy this kind of crap as fact or truth please stop procreating. America already has all the morons it can stand worshipping the only U.S. President to ever refuse to peacefully transfer power. Till Biden does something worse he isn’t the problem!


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