Netflix Going Woke and Broke as Advertisers Ask For Their Money Back


Netflix is still one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world and has 223 million paid subscribers. Though it’s experiencing some very serious problems and losing a lot of advertising money.

The reason is that Netflix is still coming in way below the number of viewers that it’s been promising advertisers. This is hitting its Basic Netflix which includes ads especially hard.

Why Is This Happening?

Specifically, Netflix is losing various advertisers who have only delivered 80% of the audience they expected. Ad execs have made their complaint clear: Netflix simply “can’t deliver” and is not up to scratch.

This year has not been a good one for Netflix, to say the least. The company lost over one million subscribers in 2022.

This was actually relatively good news for Netflix, which was worried about losing two million. They know they’re in trouble, but the company and its woke leadership under CEO Reed Hastings just can’t get its act together.

Netflix’s Woke Spiral

Back in its beginnings, Netflix had quite a bit to offer, but it’s gone downhill. So many of its programs are pushing far-left points of view, and that’s losing viewership.

The recent documentary about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has already been panned by critics and audiences, most of whom feel it is manipulative, woke nonsense.

The streaming network has steadily pushed content that advances a specific progressive narrative. It has also rented out many old titles that are low quality in order to make more profits.

This, in addition to a large variety of awful serial killer films and horror spectacles, has steadily sunk the platform into lower and lower rating territory.

Listen to Elon

This past April, Twitter owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the “woke mind virus” had ruined Netflix and pointed to Netflix’s crashing stock at the time.

We’ve seen all sorts of shows on the platform that mock religion, family, traditional gender roles, and push the LGBT narrative on people who are not interested in it.

It’s clear that Netflix’s diversity rules have also put a cramp on quality. It’s not that there is something wrong with having a variety of characters and people of identities on your shows.

Though when you make that a requirement for even getting the show streamed and deciding what content you will host, it inevitably is going to cut into quality.

Netflix is finding out the hard way that if you put ideology over sound business practices, you end up paying a pretty stiff penalty. Viewers don’t want Marxist lectures and diversity seminars, they want entertainment.

The Bottom Line

People won’t just watch whatever you push at them. They have choices and tastes. Go woke, go broke.