Mainstream Journalists Suffering From New Disease Called EDS


The American mainstream media has seen better days. Not only are major publications like the Washington Post laying off employees and seeing record-low subscriptions, but journalists are also getting kicked off Twitter.

This includes people like leftist hoaxer Taylor Lorenz, who doxed and tried to incite violence against the LibsofTikTok account.

Now, Elon Musk owns Twitter and he’s kicking journalists off of it. They’re responding by going absolutely berserk. It’s a new disease many experts are calling EDS (Elon Derangement Syndrome).

What is EDS?

EDS is like TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), except the target has switched to Elon Musk. The reason is the South Africa-born billionaire is causing some real headaches to the left and they aren’t happy about it.

Instead of just letting ideological extremists run half the internet and social media, Musk has taken real steps to protect the rights of free speech online and stop the far left from bullying people.

This includes moving against accounts that were providing his location in real-time. Yes, this information was available online, but publicly posting and linking to it on a dedicated account is a different matter.

It was inciting violence; so Musk banned the accounts and the journalists who spread it.

Now, the media is chock full of pieces against Musk and hoping he fails. He was already in their sights while in the process of buying Twitter and has previously been attacked over his opposition to wokeness.

‘The Woke Mind Virus’

Musk has previously referred to the “woke mind virus” and said it must be beaten or society will collapse.

While this may be a bit of a dramatic statement, there’s no doubt Musk is onto something about the danger of the far left and letting them run rampant online.

Journalists have proven his point by calling for federal investigations and trying to get Musk in trouble as much as possible.

Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut helped the cause on behalf of Democrats by recently calling for the US Treasury to investigate Musk’s supposed connections to a Saudi Prince who also has a stake in Twitter.

This prince reportedly may have helped Musk come up with some of the hefty $44 billion for buying the social media platform.

Remember when there were all these Democrats calling for transparency and investigations when leftists Jack Dorsey and Parag Agrawal were at the helm of Twitter? Me either.

Trying To Get Musk Deported

MSNBC leftist journalist and lawyer Dean Obeidallah said he is even trying to investigate the deeper aspects of Elon Musk’s immigration status in the US and residency in order to try to get him deported.

The leftist radio bully said he wants to see if Musk lied “in any way” when he became a US citizen in order to try to get him deported back to South Africa.

Remember when the left pretended to be against the deportation of immigrants? Or maybe they just like illegal immigrants and not legal ones like Musk?

EDS is a growing danger. Be on the lookout.