LAME ATTACK on DeSantis Fails to Pick Up Momentum


As we all know, the Left love to attack those who they feel are a threat to their political careers.

Even though the 2024 elections are still a long way off, they have already launched their hate campaign against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. This comes as no surprise.

The Left’s Lame Attacks Against Ron DeSantis

DeSantis has made a name for himself as someone not to be messed with and considers it his mission to fight for freedom.

Perhaps this stems from his stellar legal background where he actively persecuted child sex predators, and his success serving in the military.

But one thing is for sure, from corrupt officials to major corporations such as Disney, those who stand against him come off as second best.

DeSantis’ leadership style is greatly admired by his fellow Floridians, anyone doubting this just needs to look at the statistics from the November midterm elections.

Finding Dirt on DeSantis

DeSantis is known for having impeccable character and it’s certainly difficult to find any dirt on him, this won’t stop the Left however.

In an article published by The Atlantic, DeSantis is described as an “oddball” and someone who avoids eye contact by people who The Atlantic claims to be Republican, but in truth are anything but. Imagine calling DeSantis and oddball while our current President sniffs underaged girls hair.

It goes on to quote Mac Stipanovich, a Tallahassee lobbyist, who says that DeSantis is not “cool”. He claimed that he’d rather have his teeth pulled than to be on a boat with DeSantis.

It’s important to note that a reason for why he “isn’t cool” is never given, and that being considered “cool” is subjective. I certainly think a man who helps to protect children from sexual exploitation is super cool.

Do You Have To Be Cool To Be POTUS?

On the topic of “cool”, when did this become a requirement for Presidential candidacy?

Despite these pathetic attempts to attack DeSantis’ character, these “character flaws” aren’t enough to disqualify him. On the contrary, being a serious, strong personality may just be the thing that counts in his favor. Countries cannot be led by weak individuals and no one can accuse DeSantis of being weak.

Certainly when choosing a leader, we should focus more on who we want handling a crisis, than who we want to have a drink with.

Trump vs DeSantis

The article goes on to say that DeSantis doesn’t handle debates very well as he cannot improvise, this doesn’t seem plausible considering his Harvard Law School Honours Degree. However, The Atlantic said that Trump is the opposite, coming across as charismatic and charming.

It has become evident that more and more Republicans much prefer DeSantis to Trump in recent weeks as it appears that trump has become somewhat of a wildcard, and has even made digs at DeSantis.