Federal Air Marshals May Disobey Orders to Abandon Posts to Perform Janitorial Duties at the Border


RedState stated on Tuesday that in an effort to bolster Border Patrol, the Biden Administration has controversially decided to send a number of U.S. Air Marshals to the southern border.

Air Marshals Sent to Border

The Department of Homeland Security requested that the marshals be sent to the border. In a congressional inquiry this past month, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas refused to even admit there was a problem at the border crossing, asserting that “the frontier is safe.”

According to reports, marshals who are currently dispatched are engaged in clerical, non-law enforcement work including clinic rounds, transporting, and even cleaning activities.

The Transportation Security Administration disputes the reassigned positions’ “menial” nature, claiming that the designation is completely false and does not represent the crucial and competent law enforcement jobs this personnel performs.

The president of the Air Marshal National Council claimed in an exclusive story from the Washington Examiner on early Wednesday that a “rebellion” is on the rise amongst federal marshals who are concerned about endangering the security of air transportation during the peak travel period of the calendar year.

Air Marshals Being Fired?

In a telephone interview with the Washington Examiner on Tuesday, David Londo, president of the Air Marshal National Council, stated that the rank-and-file air marshals would refuse to go and face dismissal.  You’re on the verge of seeing an unprecedented government agency rebellion.

The change would reduce the number of air marshals to only one federal officer for every 100 domestic routes, or one-eighth of the usual number.

Londo said in a statement to The Examiner that the program has significantly lower morale and that several agents are considering jeopardizing their employment in disobedience of what they believe to be misconduct of their responsibilities.

Londo, whose group functions as a cooperative rather than a union, declared that “motivation is so damaged from this.” “This is different from anything I’ve witnessed.”

As inflation soars and there is a chance that the United States may experience a recession, air marshals would be putting their employment at danger.

In a message to Secretary Mayorkas, the union leader also warned of the risks of abandoning the “friendly skies” and leaving them mainly unwatched over the holidays.

Air Safety is Vital to America

Administrator Pekoske stated that o date this year, there have been 2,178 complaints of rowdy passengers, 767 inquiries have been opened, and 517 enforcement measures have been conducted, based on the Federal Aviation Administration.

Not to overlook the fact that since 9-11 during the festive season, there have been two attempts to strike our country.  He said that the policy has completely destroyed trust in the competence of Secretary Mayorkas, FAM Director Stevenson, and himself to manage DHS/TSA/FAMS.

Londo mentioned in his letter previous violent in-flight passenger assaults involving concealed weapons in addition to a cockpit intrusion on a Southwest Airlines flight last week.

Even the National Association of Police Organizations has backed the air marshals while criticizing DHS’s strategy.