Epstein, Podesta and Balenciaga: Disturbing Potential Links Emerge to Dark Trafficking Ring

Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga was recently exposed for its horrifying advertisements which portray harm against children.

Many are wondering what is behind this high fashion brand’s jokes about horrific acts and why it would portray such things.

A deeper investigation reveals that a global ring of trafficking and blackmail stretching up to the intelligence community, the Podestas, Jeffrey Epstein, the Clintons, Balenciaga and the financial elite is potentially involved in some very disturbing activities.

This investigation was reported on December 7 by the conservative commentary outlet Im1776 and is already receiving wide attention for busting wide open many links between shadowy figures in the echelons of power and wealth.

Exposing the Disturbing Connections

The Im1776 piece exposes many disturbing details. For starters, the owning company of Balenciaga is Kering run by Francois Pinault. This individual heads up Artemis Groupe, which also owns Christie’s art house in London where very expensive art gets auctioned off.

In 1997, Christie’s got attention for being the location of one of the most expensive art sales in human history after an art collection sold for $205 million to an “anonymous seller.” The sale gave Christie’s $38 million in profit as well.

The art world allows anonymous buyers and sellers, which makes it a perfect haven for dark money and Christie’s never said who this individual was.

However the shell companies set up to do these transactions were done by Mossack Fonseca, a bank busted in 2016 by the Panama Papers.

One thing which leaked in these papers was the exposure that in 2014 John Podesta and his brother Tony’s Podesta Group were paid a million or more dollars to lobby in DC on behalf of Christie’s to keep art sales anonymous.

Virgin Islands lawyers have discovered that the anonymous buyer of these paintings was most likely Jeffrey Epstein.

The Rabbithole Goes Deeper

Epstein didn’t just help elites launder money through art, he also was deeply involved in the art world as a way to do his things with young girls as the Netflix documentary exposes. He would offer them scholarships to art school, encourage their ambitions and often recruit them to his clients.

The fashion industry was also a big source of girls for Epstein, where he worked with Les Wexner of Victoria’s Secret and fellow procurer of young girls Jean-Luc Brunel.

The same owners behind Christie’s own Balenciaga which brings up a number of disturbing potential connections.

As for the intelligence community, the revelations in the Im1776 piece are certainly disturbing and show links between intelligence assets and the fake accounts and shell companies that ended up being created by Mossack Fonseca.

The Bottom Line

The discoveries of the connections between Epstein, Balenciaga, Artemis Groupe, the Clintons, the Podestas and the intelligence community are shocking and need to be investigated further.