Democrats Express Growing Frustration with Media’s Biden Focus


In the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election, top Democrats are increasingly vocal about their frustration with the media's persistent focus on President Joe Biden's age and occasional verbal slips, which they argue is overshadowing his administration's achievements and policy efforts. This sentiment was echoed by several Democratic strategists and members of Biden’s campaign team, who believe the media's narrative is unbalanced and unfairly harsh​​.

One of the primary concerns among Democrats is the media's relentless emphasis on Biden’s age and his sporadic verbal blunders. This coverage, they argue, creates a distorted perception of the president's capabilities. For instance, Biden’s allies, including his attorney and The New York Times’s publisher, have publicly criticized the media for their fixation on these issues, suggesting it distracts from substantive discussions about policy and governance​​.

Democrats also draw comparisons between the current media landscape and the 2016 election, where they believe the media disproportionately favored Donald Trump. The Biden administration feels a sense of déjà vu, as the media's scrutiny of Biden’s age parallels the coverage dynamics seen in past elections​​. Despite Biden’s administration facing significant challenges, such as inflation and international conflicts, the focus often remains on his personal attributes rather than his policy responses.

In response to the perceived media bias, Democratic strategists are advocating for a more aggressive media strategy. Jon Reinish, a prominent Democratic strategist, emphasized the need for proactive engagement with the media to counteract unfavorable portrayals and highlight Biden’s policy successes. This includes correcting significant errors in media reports and ensuring that the president’s achievements are adequately covered​​.

The media's portrayal of Biden has tangible effects on voter perception. Polls indicate that former President Trump is currently outperforming Biden in various key demographics, including women, black voters, Hispanic voters, and younger voters​. This trend is alarming for Democrats, who fear that the ongoing negative media coverage could undermine Biden’s re-election prospects.

Democrats are not only concerned with how Biden is depicted but also how this portrayal impacts the broader Democratic Party. They argue that media coddling, which they believe happens with Democratic politicians, actually leaves them unprepared for real electoral challenges. This notion is supported by analyses suggesting that critical media coverage can sometimes help politicians sharpen their public image and campaign strategies​​.

President Biden has taken steps to defend his fitness for office, directly addressing concerns about his age and cognitive abilities. He has publicly asserted his competence, emphasizing his experience and readiness to lead despite the media’s focus on his age. Furthermore, experts suggest that the Biden administration may need to reassess its media strategy, balancing fewer press engagements with maintaining a positive narrative​​.

As the 2024 election approaches, the Biden administration views the stakes as too high to remain passive in the face of negative media portrayals. With Trump likely to secure the Republican nomination, Democrats are keenly aware of the importance of shaping a favorable media narrative to bolster Biden’s re-election campaign​​.


  1. Joe Biden is a walking talking disaster . Were he not propped up and covered for by leftist media people would soon see how much of a brain dead from his “poo filled depends” to his empty cranium he really is . An occasional gaff or misstatement is one think but constant and repetitive gaffs ? And his calling out and searching for an individual who has been deceased for a few years ? Claiming to be a black woman , the first to be in the oval office ? Should someone like this be in charge of our nation ? Saying that his opponent is a threat to our democracy, I would remind him and all Democrats , This Nation was created by our founders as a Constitutional Republic ! Not a democratic one . The only democratic thing we have other than the party of the democrat is our voting system , One (legal) Citizen , one vote . But I guess that like Joe poopy depends . That is to difficult to comprehend .


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