Creepy Joe Strikes Again, Peeking at Young Girls through Window


Democrat President Joe Biden, who is known not only as Sleepy Joe but also as “Creepy Joe” for his inappropriate behavior with girls and young women, has done it again.

This time he freaked people out by showing up at a restaurant window to pose for selfies with schoolgirls, which made him look like a lurking stranger.

Lurking Joe. Or Peeping Joe?

Biden has become known for the numerous cases in which he behaved in a creepy manner around young women and girls, including touching or sniffing them or making inappropriate or uncomfortable comments.

The latest incident in which Sleepy Joe turned up the creepy factor occurred over Thanksgiving weekend on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, where the Bidens had gone to spend the holiday at billionaire David Rubenstein’s home.

80-year-old Joe Biden was strolling the streets of Nantucket on Saturday, holding a milkshake.

Biden Ogling Young Girls

As he approached a local restaurant, the Lemon Press Juice Shop, some young girls sitting inside spotted him and began screaming, surprised they had seen the president of the United States.

“There’s Joe! Oh my God,” one girl could be heard screaming in a social media video.

In the Democrat president’s ears, that may have sounded like a signal to go all Creepy Joe again, so he came up to the restaurant window.

He then lowered to the level of the children inside, took off his sunglasses, peered through the window, and started smiling and waving as they began taking selfies with what seemed like a lurking old man peeking at young schoolgirls.

At Least He Couldn’t Sniff Them!

As the selfies with the peeping Creepy Joe hit social media, they immediately recalled users of the long string of cases in which he displayed inappropriate behavior towards women and girls – and seemingly did so in a conscious manner, unlike many of his seemingly senility-driven senior-moment gaffes.

Posts of indignation over Empty Shelves Joe’s restaurant window-peering abounded on Twitter and Instagram.

One Instagram user called upon others to quit “trying to normalize this” kind of behavior since people would have been “freaking out” if “any other old man” had done what Biden did.

Another social media user noted, whether jokingly or in earnest, that “thankfully,” the restaurant window glass “protected” the schoolgirls from being “sniffed” by Creepy Joe.

Yet another user stressed that “the creep factor is high” considering Biden’s “history with children.”

“Keep him outside,” wrote other social media users.

One commentator noted that some things in life “don’t change,” – such as “death taxes” and Joe “Biden with little girls.”

Social media lefties, though, rushed to Creepy Joe’s defense, trying to spread the narrative that his peeping stint was the “sweet” act of a warm, caring, and sensitive grandfather.

In 2019 comments before his presidential run, Biden himself explained his “inappropriate touching” by claiming he was forging a “human connection.”

Biden’s most striking creepy “human connection” episodes date back to 2015 when he was still Barack Obama’s vice president, temporarily getting the nickname of “Creepy Veep.”

In some of his latest Creepy Joe acts, he grabbed a teen girl on a college campus from behind last month and gave her dating advice.

Last year, he said a girl of elementary school age seemed like a 19-year-old “lady” “with her legs crossed.”