Corporations Trying to Outbid Our Children for Every Single Family Home?


A chilling warning from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has caught the attention of many. The renowned activist, environmental lawyer, and presidential candidate has sounded the alarm on a new trend that is causing concern among homeowners and potential buyers alike – corporations are buying up residential properties.

Kennedy warns that these corporations have deep pockets and are ready to outbid even the most eager and well-funded buyers, leaving ordinary families struggling to compete.

The news of corporations entering the housing market may come as a surprise to some, but Kennedy explains that this trend has been quietly gaining traction in recent years.

As real estate prices increase, corporations see an opportunity to make hefty profits by turning homes into rental properties. And with the pandemic causing a surge in demand for single-family homes, their efforts have only intensified.

But the consequences of this trend are far-reaching. As Kennedy points out, families who are unable to afford to purchase a home are forced into a lifetime of renting, with little hope of ever owning a property.

Moreover, the impact on local communities cannot be ignored. With corporations owning large numbers of homes in a neighborhood, the sense of community and ownership could diminish.This could have a ripple effect on local businesses, schools, and other vital institutions.

Kennedy is calling on lawmakers and citizens alike to take a stand against the corporatization of the housing market. He is urging legislation that will limit the number of homes a corporation can purchase in a specific area and promote policies that prioritize homeownership for families and individuals.

Kennedy warns that if we don't act now, it may be too late. As corporations continue to pour money into the housing market, they will have the upper hand, leaving some families at a disadvantage. (Others on the sale side may benefit however.)


  1. If more Home Owners would Register their Telephone Numbers with the Do Not Call List and then file Soliciting complaints with the FTC when those Infamous “Unavailable” Untraceable Phone calls appear on your Telephones by Investment Companies that Try and Buy your Home/Property for Pennies on the Dollar we could Stop all of this. When the FTC gets flooded with these complaints they would be Forced to start Giving out those $500.00 to $40,000.00 Fines. You would see all of this crap stop. This has been going on since 2018 and has morphed into an investment Sharknado. It needs to stop. Let’s all Register with the Do Not Call List!

  2. If an unknown name or number comes up on one’s caller ID, it would seem the simplest response would be to just not answer in the first place. If it should happen to be a legitimate call, a text or voice mail will probably follow. If you then are able to obtain some identifiable information, you can check with your local Better Business Bureau, or the Consumer Fraud Division of your local law enforcement agency, District Attorney’s office or your state Attorney General’s office.

  3. A couple years ago in our area, out of state buyers were offering cash deals to sellers up to 50% higher than the asking price. I have read this is how Chinese entities are buying up US farmland offering exorbitant prices well over the land’s value. Even if owners didn’t intend to sell, the money enticed them into selling.


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