Child Mastectomies Increased by Almost 400 Percent, Tulsi Gabbard is Shocked


In the past five years, the amount of youngsters undergoing mastectomies has climbed by 389 percent, whereas the proportion of “transgender” children has doubled. Exactly how and why is this revolting fad blowing up?

Politicians to Blame?

Tulsi Gabbard states that this is not a mistake, and proceeds to identify others she believes are involved.

Cutting Off the Breasts of Young Girls

On a recent episode of her talk show, the retired Hawaii Democrat discussed the alarming increase in the amount of young girls undergoing double mastectomies, citing a study posted in a prestigious medical journal.

This disturbing information details the increase and a UCLA study indicating that the percentage of “trans” children has also doubled in the last five years.

These numbers are both disturbing and astonishing.

Based on a newly published study in the Journal of the American Medical Association for Pediatrics, the number of children undergoing mastectomies increased by 389 percent between 2016 and 2019.

America’s Girls are UNDER ATTACK

I wish to reiterate: youngsters undergoing mastectomies. The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law produced a report indicating that the percentage of transgender adolescents has increased in the past five years.

It cannot be determined which is worse: the fact that this is occurring or the amount of people who support it.

This did not just occur. This is extremely deliberate and the result of the progressive agenda that is currently forced on our children. They contest the existence of external reality by denying the most basic principle about natural male and female variations.

Even though there are no long-term investigations on the consequences of these harmful medicines on our children, government officials and purported healthcare experts continue to promote it.

Even though there are no long-term investigations on the consequences of these harmful medicines on our children, government officials and purported medical professionals keep pushing them.


She went on to add that many of the conventional procedures that they are promoting involve puberty blockers and chemicals, and that some of which were previously warned by the FDA due to their probable link to major brain damage, and cognitive issues.

She then addressed the President, saying that Biden has nonetheless told parents that confirming their child’s identification is among the most effective things they can do to ensure their safety.

Let’s hear it directly from the horse as he mutters the like, shall we?

Biden Supports the Extremist Trans Movement

Biden addressed the nation saying that he wants everyone observing Transgender Day of Visibility to understand that their president recognizes their existence. His entire government recognizes you as an individual created in God’s image and worthy of decency, respect, and assistance.

He continued saying that they recognize that it is difficult when there are people in the world that do not understand or appreciate you.

For instance, the avalanche of anti-transgender state laws aimed at you and your families is reprehensible. This government is defending you from all of these reprehensible bills.