Cars Used by Bidens ‘Burst into Flames’ Hours after First Family Left Thanksgiving Spot

(Nantucket Current)

In a mysterious incident, five Secret Service rental cars used by Democrat President Joe Biden exploded.

Joe “Multiple Gaffes” Biden’s family went to tour Nantucket Island during the Thanksgiving holiday and then left. But the cars burnt down almost entirely just hours after the First Family had departed.

Bizarre Incident, and Hunter Was There, Too

Sleepy Joe, his caretaker-in-chief Jill Biden, their prodigal First Son Hunter, and several other family members, including Hunter’s son Beau Jr. and wife Melissa Cohen, spent Thanksgiving 2022 at the luxury home of billionaire David Rubenstein on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.

The Bidens remained on the island from Tuesday until Sunday, in a visit that made headlines with Creepy Joe’s peering through a restaurant window to pose for selfies with underage girls.

The vehicles that “burst into flames” after having been used by the Biden family were rented out from Hertz by the US Secret Service, The Nantucket Current reported.

The local newspaper cited sources saying that the Secret Service had just returned the five cars to the rental company.

This Was Almost Way, Way Worse

The USSS used the five rental vehicles to take Empty Shelves Joe’s family around the island.

The fire erupted around 5 am on Monday, after the First Family had departed for Washington, DC, the day before.

The five vehicles had been parked near Nantucket Memorial Airport, barely 40 feet away from airport tanks containing 25,000 gallons of jet fuel.

The cars in question were a Ford Expedition, Ford Explorer, Jeep Gladiator, Chevy Suburban, and Infiniti QX80.

The remnants from the cars were towed away, with four out of the five having burned down almost completely.


(Social media video snapshot)

Could It Have Been a Recalled Car Battery that Waited for the Bidens to Leave?

There has been no publicly available information as to what may have caused the mysterious incident – or whether it might have occurred hours earlier, thus potentially threatening the safety of the First Family of the United States.

The report noted that one of the affected vehicles – the Ford Expedition – was under a batter recall by the manufacturer.

However, the Ford Expedition was yet to receive the new battery, and it had not been changed ahead of the presidential Thanksgiving visit to Nantucket.

It remains unclear whether the recalled car battery may have caused the blaze in any way.

The incident occurred just hours after the Bidens had left, moving local authorities to launch a full-fledged investigation.

Videos posted on Twitter by the Nantucket Current showed that the fire had entirely destroyed the cars’ front ends.

Nantucket Airport Comments

A statement by Nantucket Memorial Airport on the fire, which destroyed the rental cars used by the Bidens, disclosed the blaze had erupted before 5:22 am on Monday, as that was when the airport staff observed it.

The staffers saw it in the “rental car overflow area” through the Closed Circuit Television System of the airport, activated the necessary alert, and responded to the emergency.

The Nantucket police and fire departments arrived on the spot almost immediately, moving to contain the fire.

The airport made it clear its operations weren’t hindered by the blaze but gave no possible causes or other relevant information.