Biden Makes Surprise Move to Save Migrant-Expulsion ‘Title 42’ Policy


In a surprise development, President Joe “Open Border” Biden’s administration has moved to rescue “Title 42,” the Trump-era public health policy allowing fast expulsion of illegal immigrants, after last month a federal judge ordered it terminated, spiking fears of an even greater illegal immigration deluge.

Unexpected Move as Lefties Wanted Title 42 Dead as a Doornail

The so called Title 42 policy was issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in March 2020, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, providing for the immediate expulsion of illegal immigrants on public health grounds by the US Customs and Border Protection agency.

It has been used extensively by US border agents as more than 2.4 million illegals have been expelled on its grounds in the 2.5 years since its adoption.

Those expelled under Title 42 equal nearly half of the close to 6 million illegal immigrants (including over 1 million runaways) who have been allowed to invade the United States since Sleepy Joe occupied the White House 22-and-a-half months ago.

Why Is Biden Doing This?

The Biden administration’s move to save Title 42 by appealing the court ruling that ordered its termination comes as a big surprise. 

First, because of the overall overt pro-illegal immigration stance of the wokeist Marxist-Communist left that has taken over the Democratic Party and the Biden Cabinet. 

Second, in the spring of this year, Biden’s Justice Department sought to kill the policy, which back then was saved solely by court rulings in its favor. 

However, in November, Washington, DC-based US District Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled in favor of the American Civil Liberties Union, a leftist nonprofit, in a lawsuit against the US Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security. 

Sullivan ordered the termination of Title 42 but let it stand until December 21 at the DOJ’s request. 

It’s the DHS Who Is Appealing 

Biden’s administration was widely expected not to appeal the ruling precisely because it had tried to kill the migrant expulsion policy before. 

On Wednesday, however, the US government made it clear it was appealing the court ruling, which would have made it far easier for many more illegal immigrants to invade America and remain in the court. 

The appeal announcement came from Biden’s Homeland Security Department. It said it would take the case to the District of Columbia’s US Court of Appeals, as cited by The Daily Mail. 

At the same time, the administration made it clear it would ask the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to issue a new regulation to replace Title 42 – even though back in April, the CDC had declared public health should no longer be used as a reason to restrict asylum seekers. 

For all of its wokeist stance on allowing a tsunami of illegal immigrants to invade America, Joe Biden’s administration has actually used Title 42 to expel more migrants than the Trump administration did – as the latter was in office for only ten months after the policy was adopted. 

Earlier this week, Open Border Joe scandalized the American public by saying he wouldn’t visit the border on a trip to Arizona because he was occupied with “more important things.”