Biden Makes Abandonment Joke about His Caretaker-in-Chief Jill

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Democrat President Joe “Multiple Gaffes” Biden has come up with a new awkward joke to spice up further his incessant string of public blunders and “senior moments”.

While speaking, he joked that his wife – caretaker-in-chief Jill Biden – may abandon him for an arguably better life on a Native American reservation.

Was This Really a Joke?

Biden’s new bizarre attempt at funny humor came after he was a riot on Thanksgiving weekend, trying to converse with the turkeys that her pardoned, creepily peeking at young girls through restaurant windows, and cracking jokes about how healthy he was.

Biden’s fresh joking around came on Wednesday at a Tribal Nations Summit at the US Department of Interior in Washington, DC, The Daily Mail reported.

He told the audience about a recent visit that First Lady Jill Biden paid to an immersion school of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, a project seeking to revive Native American languages.

Jill Biden went there with Deb Haaland, Biden’s Interior Secretary, the first Native American to be a cabinet secretary in the US government.

Jill’s Been AWOL

Amid his remarks, Sleepy Joe disclosed that “by the way,” his wife had been spending lots of time on native reservations.

So much so that he was “worried” she wouldn’t “come home” some “of these days,” Biden said.

He then kept on pushing his joke as though to try to make himself believe it was funny – or revealing that Jill may be eager to spend time away from him.

“I’m telling you,” Empty Shelves Joe said, adding, “You think I’m joking.”

He added that his wife had been speaking “more about the Navajos than” about him.

Biden then garnished his abandonment joke attempt with another question about whether the audience thought he was “kidding.”

(Social media video snapshot)

$135 Million for Moving Tribal Communities Due to Climate Change

In his presumably serious remarks during the tribal summit, the Democrat president emphasized the importance of learning Native American languages.

“It matters,” he said, adding that it improves school performance and preserves old traditions.

Biden touted a commitment that he made during his presidential campaign – that his administration would make relations with Indian nations a priority.

He boasted he had so far appointed more than 60 Native Americans to various positions in the executive branch of the US government and federal courts.

The Democrat president pointed out he had reactivated the Native American Affairs council of the White House while making “historic investments” in Indian country.

During his address, Biden announced the allocation of $135 million of federal funding for the relocation of Native American tribes because of climate change.

Empty Shelves Joe’s taxpayer-funded allocation is going to benefit 11 tribal communities in five states – Alaska, Arizona, Maine, Louisiana, and Washington State – enabling them to “move.”

Most of the funding – $75 million – will go to three coastal native communities – one in Washington state and two in Alaska, at $25 million each.

They are going to use the money to move their main buildings to “higher grounds” due to the rising waters, while their homes will be moved at a later stage.

The remaining eight tribal communities will get $5 million each from Biden’s climate change pledge.

In his comments, Sleepy Joe declared that the Native American communities in question risk “being washed away” – whether by “rising sea levels,” Superstorm, or “wildfires raging.”