Biden Dismisses Border Security as He Decides To Go on Vacation


In 2021, there were 1.73 million illegal immigrants caught crossing the border. With a few days left in 2022, there have been 2.23 million so far this year.

Joe Biden doesn’t care. In fact, he recently let his true feelings on the subject be known.

Biden Says How He Feels About the Border

Biden is currently in the US Virgin Islands on holiday. He responded to questions about the crisis at the border by saying he has “more important” matters to attend to.

Apparently, taking it easy in the Caribbean sun counts as something more important for Biden than the enormous amount of human suffering at the border.

Biden and his family will be ringing in the new year in St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, far away from the drama of the border, which Biden wants no part of.

He also doesn’t care about the awful winter storm and people freezing back home. He just wants to relax.

Biden’s Flip-Flopping

From the very beginning of getting into office, Biden sent signals that border security wasn’t important to him and he would allow illegal immigrants to get amnesty.

He then tried to change his mind and walk that back, but it was too late and the tide of people already started.

The Supreme Court recently forced Title 42 to stay for now, despite Biden’s wish to scrap it. This means more illegals can be immediately deported, but nonetheless, the situation is very bad.

Cartels and human traffickers have become very rich by profiting from the human misery and desperation in Central America and Mexico.

Biden Just Doesn’t Care?

Asked to explain more about why Biden doesn’t seem concerned with US border security, Biden aide Keisha Bottoms said it’s just not the proper “use of resources” at this time. What exactly does that mean?

America is sending billions of dollars and weapons to Ukraine to protect their nation and border, but we don’t have the resources to secure our own national territory.

That’s certainly not an encouraging sign. Biden’s indifference to this subject is truly concerning.

There’s also a massive storm going on right now, as mentioned earlier. Remember how Senator Ted Cruz was treated when he went to try to visit his kids for a couple of days in Cancun during the storm that Texas had?

What about all the noise Biden and the Democrats made during the 2020 election about “kids in cages” and illegals being treated well? Now, Biden doesn’t care about going to look and see how they’re being treated anymore?

The Bottom Line

Joe Biden just does not care about the border or illegal immigrants. He’s an incompetent president and the only thing worse than him would be a Kamala Harris presidency.