Bad News For Twitter Social Media After Major Global Outage


Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter was finalized in October of this year, but things haven’t gone that smoothly since then.

For one thing, the site saw many layoffs. There has also been controversy over who Musk is letting back on the platform and new plans for verified accounts.

Though the biggest roadblock for Twitter came on Wednesday when it suddenly went out all over the world. After all, what good is a social media site and app if you can’t use it?

Users Got Strange Message

On Wednesday, many users got a strange message when trying to use Twitter. It told them to log out or refresh their account.

This appeared to have been happening on the website version of the social media platform, while the app continued to work normally. It occurred starting on Wednesday afternoon and was fixed around 6 p.m.

On the phone versions of Twitter, it seemed everything was fine, except Twitter’s notification tab wasn’t properly informing users of their mentions and tags.

It’s not clear why Twitter went down for two hours yesterday, but this is certainly an embarrassment for Musk.

He made big promises of competency and improvement for Twitter, saying he’d come on board and make everything better. Having a global outage from Argentina to America is not the way to back that up.

Musk Responds

Responding to the complaints from users about the outage, Musk said Twitter was “working fine” for him and didn’t seem overly concerned.

The fact of the matter is that about two-thirds of Twitter workers have found themselves laid off following Musk’s acquisition of the San Francisco-based company.

For one thing, Twitter axed its communications department; so getting clear answers from the media and finding out what’s going on has become more difficult.

What About the Twitter Files?

Musk’s leak of the Twitter files exposed a longstanding pattern of corruption and censorship at the tech giant, with executives working with federal agencies to try to ban users and go after former President Trump.

The files were released by journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss. They definitely show concerning actions, particularly among past leaders, like CEO Parag Agrawal and top executives Yoel Roth and Vijaya Gadde.

However, while Twitter’s past had a concerning issue with trying to censor conservatives and becoming a branch of the US federal government, it seems the new Twitter has a problem with keeping the site running.

Large sites take many people working together and committed to the team in order to stay running smoothly and make sure users have a good experience.

Musk will need to continue to try to bring the team at Twitter together and ensure he has employees who are team players and won’t just let the site go offline or even try to intentionally sabotage it.