Roe v. Wade was overturned in June of this year. Since then, the Democrats have been doing their best to counterattack. This includes a promise to try to codify Roe into federal law, as well as vows to find ways to bypass the legislation.

However, the most disturbing plan yet comes from the US Senate, where Senators Patty Murray of Washington and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin are promising something even more extreme.

They want American taxpayers to fund abortion trips for women and they’re doing their best to get this passed into law.

Abortion Holidays?

If this sounds like satire, it is not. Baldwin and Murray are proposing the Reproductive Health Travel Fund Act that will ensure women who want abortions don’t pay a cent to terminate their pregnancy.

It includes hotels, food, counseling, abortion after-care, looking after other kids, and more. The bottom line is they won’t have to pay a dime, but American taxpayers will. The only thing not covered would be the abortion itself.

How much? The projected cost would be $1.7 trillion dollars cost out over the following five years once the bill would be passed.

Baldwin and Murray don’t care about the cost; in fact, expanding big government programs is fairly typical for the Democrat Party. When it also pushes a policy onto all Americans, it’s a double win as far as they’re concerned.

Trying To Kill States’ Rights

Democrats Murray and Baldwin can’t stop the GOP at the state level. Republicans are in charge of 30 statehouses right now and will not allow unlimited abortion and permissive laws on this.

For this reason, Murray and Baldwin want to move strongly to help women make “healthcare decisions,” as Baldwin puts it.

Will This Actually Pass?

Murray said she’s really “proud” about this bill and is disgusted with Republicans and their “extreme” restrictions on abortion. She says forcing women to “stay pregnant” is a crime against humanity and must be stopped.

Baldwin and Murray will be pushing this bill hard; it’s up to those who oppose them to make their voices heard.

The push to get around democracy and the decisions of our Supreme Court are only going to intensify in the coming years as the left stops getting everything they want like they were formerly used to.

This kind of abortion tourism is revolting to think about, but the truth is this does have a chance of passing, unless the GOP can get its act together and stop the House from pushing through this kind of legislation.

The Bottom Line

The Democrat Party would be unrecognizable to a Democrat from even thirty years ago. This party has crossed the pale into a zone of truly bizarre and disturbing territory.