Woke Fool Gets Slammed When She Least Expects It

The woke ideology has no real truth to it. The only reason it’s gained such popularity is because those who cling to it are so angry and bitter that people are afraid to argue with them.

Wokeness basically boils down to the belief that being white, Christian, male, American or rich is bad and is a sign of treating others unfairly.

This is an especially popular ideology in universities, some white collar jobs and among crowds of upper class white liberals who haven’t spent much time outside their gated communities.

One of these lily-livered libs by the name of Dr. Rachel Zoffness decided to go on a woke rant online and got what was coming to her.

Shut Up Girl!

Zoffness is a psychologist who treats pain and helps people deal with it. She works at a top medical school and lectures in the Ivy League, so she’s clearly a very academic lady. Notice I did not say she’s clearly a very smart lady. The two are not necessarily the same thing at all.

Zoffness proved that recently when she went online to rant about a male colleague who had used the term “girl” to refer to her to try to give her a compliment.

The “male colleague” that Zoffness was talking about was actually paying her a compliment and saying that she and the other women he worked with were great colleagues.

This seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to say, but apparently she took offense at it.

However Zoffness was not OK with being called this and said that male doctors were always referred to as doctor, not by their gender or a younger term like girl.

She went off on Twitter saying that her only demand is to be “considered equal” in the medical field and stop being treated unseriously due to her gender.

Talk about being woke and oversensitive!

Zoffness Gets Panned

Social media users went on to mock Zoffness, who went on a big explanation about how “certain pop songs” are fine with using girl, or fun bar nights.

The funny part about this is that Zoffness is not the queen of speech, so what makes her get to decide what words are OK for others to use or not in a kind and considerate way?

If she has so much time to argue about words that annoy her, I feel bad for her patients. It sounds like a lot of pain is being left untreated in order for her to have time to whine about words.

The thing that makes this important is that word policing is a favorite activity of the left.

They love to argue and talk about words endlessly, telling people what they “can” say or not and getting angry or punishing them if they step out of line.

It’s gone way too far and needs to be called out.

The Bottom Line

Enough word policing. Liberals need to grow up.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.