Washington Should Remove the BLM Mural

The creation of the Black Lives Matter monument in Washington, D.C., was an act of rebellion.

It was established after the looting and rioting in 2020, based on inaccurate information that cops kill black people indiscriminately. The artwork represents a visual declaration of “no more” to these claimed injustices. 

Inviting Anger

It was intended to incite anger and promote a false political agenda.

It is now time to eliminate the Black Lives Matter mural from 16th Street Northwest in Washington, D.C.

It is time after various studies debunked the claim regarding police shootings and multiple discoveries of the wrong way BLM spent their contributions. 

BLM was founded in 2013 in reaction to the murder of Trayvon Martin by community watch coordinator George Zimmerman. 

They argued Martin was killed unfairly due to racism, but various investigations, including one conducted by the Department of Justice under then-President Barack Obama, concluded otherwise. The court acquitted Zimmerman. 

Next, the group’s notoriety increased in 2014, following the shooting incident of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. BLM, together with Democrats and their media allies, asserted once more that a black youth was slain due to racism. 

The social media tag “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” became a global craze as BLM propagated the falsehood that Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown as he surrendered with his hands in the air.

Federal investigations, including, once more, by Obama’s Department of Justice, determined this was also false. 

George Floyd

After George Floyd passed away in police custody in 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement became linked with opposing claims of institutional racism inside the criminal justice system.

People who weren’t rioting, stealing, killing, and demolishing businesses or communities were protesting for change. The organization has received donations in the millions.

Corporate, political, celebrity, and sports league virtue-signaling have become an intrinsic component of BLM and, by extension, American culture. 

Instead of being agents of change, however, BLM became agents of luxury. They acquired numerous opulent properties and awarded lucrative contracts to the co-family founders and friends. 

The motivation to improve the criminal justice system against the alleged biases toward black people took a back seat to accumulating wealth and living a lavish lifestyle.

Both the group’s complaints and fundraising efforts were fraudulent. 

The mural was a polarizing political act that was fundamentally untrue. It attempted to solidify the perception that black people are the victims of a harsh and fatally racist criminal justice system in the United States.

This narrative was as valid as how BLM squandered millions of dollars from contributions. 

Their deception tainted both the cause and the group. Consequently, the mural must be removed. BLM’s hypocrisy is insufficient to merit recognition as a movement.

The city should immediately remove the mural.