Biological Females Can Now Use Boys’ Bathroom in Indiana

On Monday, a federal court decided a middle school in Indiana must permit biological girls who identify as males to use the boys’ restroom.

Martinsville School District in Martinsville, Indiana, asked Judge Tanya Walton Pratt, who was appointed by former President Obama, to delay the implementation of a judgment issued in April at John R. Wooden Middle School.

However, she denied the motion.

Pratt’s Justification

According to WISH-TV, Pratt wrote, “This hypothetical damage is unsupported by evidence and is dubious, considering the school district permits other transgender kids to use toilets corresponding to their gender identification.”

According to the article, the district wants to challenge the initial ruling at the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

“Earlier, the school prohibited the transgender kid from using the boys’ toilet, playing in male team sports, and being addressed using the pronouns ‘him’ and ‘he,’” Fox News stated.

The original ruling said Pratt’s injunction “would stop school activities and weaken school authority and order,” the newspaper said.

The judgment is one of several recent opinions involving gender identity situations.

According to an article published by The Daily Wire, the week prior, the state of Oregon now mandates that public schools give feminine hygiene products in toilets designated for males.

This has caused anxiety among some parents. The “Menstrual Dignity Act” was passed and signed into law last year by Oregon’s Democratic governor, Kate Brown.

Menstrual Products

By the conclusion of the 2022-2023 school year, all Oregon public schools must provide free menstrual supplies, such as tampons and pads, in boys’, all-gender, and girls’ restrooms.

All school bathrooms, even those in elementary schools, will have menstrual supplies and instructions on using them.

Kori Gilmore, a mother of two primary school boys in the Medford School District, told local source KTVL the following:

“This legislation was approved last year without parents’ or taxpayer participation. Schools still haven’t alerted parents about what’s occurring.”

Last month, a group of 22 Republican House leaders addressed a letter to Education Department Secretary Miguel Cardona, rejecting the idea of amending Title IX’s meaning to include gender identity.

The author of the letter was Oklahoma Republican Representative Markwayne Mullin.

“This definition change will undermine the core premise upon which this protection is founded,” Mullin told the Daily Caller.

“As 50 years of history and achievement are wiped away, there will be no equal playing field.

Since its inception, the number of women who play sports and pursue them at the university level has increased significantly.

He continued, “It’s unfortunate the president’s socialist agenda is ready to sacrifice this.”

The letter asked Cardona to stop biological men from competing in women’s sports at the college level.

The Republicans in the House of Representatives said, “Title IX is no longer relevant when women are expected to compete with biological men.”