Tornadoes Kill One Person in Central Texas

The storms continued to wreak damage over sections of Texas and Oklahoma into the evening hours of Monday. 

On Monday, tornadoes ripped over Central Texas, killing at least one person, according to authorities. A large amount of property damage was also caused by storms. 

According to KTEN, one person has been reported deceased in Sherwood Shores, Texas. Several others have been injured, and structures in various counties have been devastated. 

Solidarity and Death Announcement

At a media briefing with Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell on Monday night, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott expressed his gratitude for the low number of victims in the storm. 

In his statement, Abbott said, “I wanted the judge to be aware the state is standing side by side with the people of Williamson County.”

“We are aware that you were subjected to a severe storm. We are also aware that there are people whose lives have been utterly disrupted.”

“Still, it is possible that a miracle has occurred since, despite thesevere catastrophic harm, to my knowledge, there has been no report of loss of life, which is simply incredible.” 

Abbott’s appearance took place before the official announcement of the death was made. 

Many regions of Texas are without electricity, including Round Rock, Granger, Jarrell, and Elgin. At the same time, multiple highways and other infrastructure have been impacted as a result. 

Several natural disasters have hit Texas in the past week, including a tornado and a flood. Rapidly growing flames threatened several counties over the course of the last week.

Over the weekend, a total of seven active wildfires scorched 54,000 acres across the state.

Natural Disasters

In a post on Twitter, Tony Plohetski, a reporter with KVUE and the Austin American-Statesman, said many automobiles were “tossed” around in the parking lot with “windows damaged.”

Tony Plohetski just so happened to be a reporter with KVUE and the Austin American-Statesman. 

Other photographs of destroyed homes and other structures were uploaded on social media platforms as well. Some users also shared video footage of tornadoes that passed through their area. 

Tornado alerts and watches were posted at a number of locations throughout the region, and they were in effect well into the night. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stated Monday he authorized the Texas Division of Emergency Management to increase “its readiness and set emergency service capabilities on standby,” in anticipation of severe weather and the threat of flash flooding. 

The state of Oklahoma was also hit hard, particularly in the area surrounding Kingston, where “significant tornado damage” was reported, along with stories of people being trapped.

Such disasters are often inevitable; however, with the adequate measures put in place, the loss of life can be curbed to the absolute minimum.