AOC: There’s Nothing “Redeemable” About Capitalism

According to progressive House Democrat Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez, capitalism is “not a salvageable system” for the vast bulk of Americans. It symbolizes the “pursuit of profit” at any cost.

The Capitalist Control of America

“I think about it in a general sense because when we hurl out such buzzwords as capitalism or socialism, they become dramatized,” the leftist lawmaker said to Yahoo Finance’s Andy Serwer during his most recent episode of his “Influencers” show.

“People interpret them to imply things they may or may not signify in the first place. So, to me, capitalism at its essence is the drive for profit at any cost. In the end, that’s what we’re truly talking about.”

Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, said a “very tiny handful of true capitalists” control all American society.

“They can control our labor,” Ocasio-Cortez stated. “They can dominate enormous markets by dictating terms, as well as capture governments. They can exert influence over a large number of people.”

“In my opinion, that is not a salvageable system in which we should be able to participate to ensure the prosperity and tranquility of the great majority of the population.”

Congress Member Trading Stocks

In her remarks, Ocasio-Cortez praised “alternative methods of conducting business” and asserted “open markets are not the same as capitalism.”

“There is the possibility of marketplaces in which enterprises and methods of manufacturing, trading, and selling things are tightly managed and also provide more authority to workers,” Ocasio-Cortez said in the interview.

“People are given a fair chance. A more equitable economy includes a variety of phases and degrees, including union employment, unionized workplaces, and other forms of collective bargaining.”

Furthermore, in the interview, Ocasio-Cortez restated her call for a prohibition on members of Congress purchasing and selling shares in the company they work for.

To Ocasio-Cortez, “it’s not a secret as to why it’s so tough to pass,” she remarked. “I wouldn’t be surprised if a majority of Congress members own and trade individual stocks.”

When Ocasio-Cortez was asked about the huge digital behemoth Facebook during the interview, she said the corporation should be divided.

“Facebook should be dismantled,” Ocasio-Cortez advocated. “We should investigate if Facebook is violating antitrust laws. There are a plethora of possible explanations for this. They are functioning in the capacity of advertising.”

“They are both a platform and a vendor in this situation. They are a communication platform, which has long been a well-established sphere of antitrust law in the United States.”

“Since they combine so many firms and industries into one, I feel the argument for their being susceptible to antitrust enforcement is strong enough on its own to justify their inclusion on the list.”