The White House is Still Doing Damage Control For Biden’s Speech

The Biden administration is once again in damage control mode, this time owing to Biden’s comments about “MAGA Republicans.”

The president’s rhetoric has been so ill-received because when he was running for office, he promised to be a unifying leader. During Biden’s inaugural address, he also vowed to be the president for all Americans and one who unites people, despite partisanship.

Last week, Biden completely threw these ideals to the wayside, launching into disturbing attacks against the pro-Trump wing of the GOP. Less than 48 hours after giving his speech, Biden claimed he doesn’t view individual Trump supporters as threats to democracy.

However, as the PR disaster proceeds, Biden’s aides are continuing to have to clean up this mess, as reported by Fox News.

More Explanations From Biden’s Press Secretary

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been repeatedly pressed on the remarks from Biden last Thursday and their implications on politics nationwide.

On Sunday, Jean-Pierre was questioned about this during an MSNBC interview. At one point, the media outlet asked her if Biden believes there’s a difference between hardcore Trump loyalists and “mainstream Republicans.”

The press secretary stated Biden does see a difference and that he clearly articulated this distinction last Thursday. Jean-Pierre then proceeded to speak of the “inflection point” that the Biden administration sees America as facing.

From here, Jean-Pierre claimed the president will continue to protect rights, freedom, and democracy, all of which he views as under attack by MAGA Republicans.

In a further attempt to do damage control for her boss, the press secretary urged people to reread his remarks, calling them “powerful.”

She then concluded by saying Biden appealed to Independents, Democrats, and “mainstream Republicans” to unify in support of democracy.

The Bottom Line

Jean-Pierre is not the only aide to claim that Biden’s speech was “powerful” and “impactful.” Similar remarks were made by public engagement director Keisha Bottoms over the weekend.

While the White House may publicly claim (and even actually believe) the president’s remarks were uplifting and unifying, many Americans didn’t see it this way.

In fact, Biden’s words were so politically charged that corporate media criticized Biden for having Marines flanking him amid the speech.

Republicans now charge that Biden is simply attacking the political right to redirect attention from his own failures in office. Time will tell what other lengths the White House employs in the spirit of doing damage control and rebranding last week’s comments.

What do you think about the damage control being run by multiple Biden aides as he remains under fire for last week’s statements about MAGA Republicans? You’re more than welcome to let us know what you believe will happen next in the comments area below.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.