The Trend Jen Psaki Sees When Putin Invades Ukraine

“To comprehend is to detect patterns,” the Russian-British intellectual Isaiah Berlin famously stated. “To make it comprehensible is to disclose the fundamental pattern.”

With that context in mind, recent statements by White House press secretary Jen Psaki may imply she is coming to understand why Russian President Vladimir Putin is now attacking Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Psaki appeared to confess his actions follow a simple “pattern,” one that involves both her and her White House supervisor.

The Obvious Pattern

Psaki told CNN on Wednesday the last time Putin attacked Ukraine, she was in the US State Department. Meanwhile, President Biden was President Obama’s vice president.

That has also been emphasized in the last week by several conservatives, who say Putin attacked Ukraine, due to Biden’s lack of international leadership, much the same as he did with Obama.


Psaki was chastised on Twitter for her unprompted admission that Putin acted suspiciously when Biden was in a position of authority.

“Reminding folks that a major foe exploited your boss twice is not an effective message,” the Heritage Foundation’s John Cooper tweeted.

Chad Gilmartin, a former Trump official, said, “The trend is Biden’s record of weakness and disorder.” Other observers have noted a similar trend of conduct in geopolitical interactions.

Sen. Ted Cruz recently blasted Biden’s “weakness” in a long address from the Senate floor, describing precisely how Biden’s “pattern” of failure on the international stage contributed to the Ukraine crisis. 

Ted Cruz’s Analysis

It is a trend, according to Sen. Ted Cruz.

As a result of Biden’s capitulation and weakness, this administration let the Taliban have Afghanistan, sadly resulting in the deaths of 13 American soldiers.

As a result of President Biden’s cowardice and capitulation, this administration is accelerating its efforts to provide Iran’s Ayatollah with nuclear weapons.

The same Ayatollah who screams “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” is the one Biden wants to help with the acquisition of mass murder weapons to carry out those vows.

The Biden presidency is losing Taiwan to Xi as a result of President Biden’s weakness and capitulation. Biden even told Taiwanese officials not to wear a Taiwanese military uniform or flag on US government property.

Why? Because it is an insult to China’s communist regime.

Once again, the Biden administration is on the verge of surrendering Ukraine to Putin, as a result of President Biden’s cowardice and appeasement. Putin did not suddenly decide to attack Ukraine. He has been plotting an invasion of Ukraine for years.

He accomplished this feat in 2014. However, at the time, Putin didn’t do a full invasion because he didn’t want to risk destroying Ukraine’s electricity system, which Putin needed to get Russian natural gas to Europe.

As a result, Russia organized a partnership to develop Nord Stream 2, a pipeline that would go straight from Russia to Germany beneath the sea, allowing Russian gas to bypass Ukraine entirely.

Psaki’s ability to “understand” that Biden welcomes Putin’s aggressiveness remains in doubt.