The Gerontocracy is a Self-Defending System

Sen. Dianne Feinstein will celebrate her 90th birthday next year, during the concluding year of her fifth Senate tenure.

Yet, years after the remainder of the press was made aware of an open Washington scandal, Feinstein’s colleagues increased the pressure on her to resign. 

Mental Cognition

Feinstein, according to multiple Hill insiders, is “rapidly deteriorating,” frequently unable to identify peers in the chamber or recall recent talks.

The only surprise is that Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, risked her political career to defend one of her own. 

Democrats began seriously debating Feinstein’s ability to represent 40 million people only after she presided over the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation process for now-Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Feinstein’s cognitive impairment, on the other hand, has been evident for some time now, even before Feinstein notoriously converted the Brett Kavanaugh proceedings into a partisan carnage.

You may recall how the senior first refused to release Christine Blasey Ford’s statement until it became public. Feinstein permitted a Chinese spy to work on her staff for 20 years.

Feinstein would’ve been laid off long ago in any other field. 

Rather than that, four senators, three of whom are Democrats, are now warning Feinstein’s hometown newspaper.

Two claim Feinstein neglected to acknowledge them; numerous others claim she appeared to lose her mind twice while speaking at a tribute for a deceased San Francisco politician.

Feinstein first omitted to mention the subject of the tribute, whom she had known for a long time. She then continued to talk, but this time in the present tense, referring to the decedent. 

The Gerontocracy System

For her part, Pelosi called Feinstein’s treatment “unforgivable” and “below the dignity with which she has served and the regard with which she is held.” 

Pelosi demonstrates some of the same class solidarity that propelled her and Feinstein, two trust-fund children of large-city mayors, to the top of California politics.

However, upon reflection, she is merely defending her kind, a decaying congressional elite who she believes is entitled to riches, privilege, and authority beyond scrutiny. 

Our patricians are infuriatingly elderly.

Although President Biden reaches 80 this year, this senility crisis is not a party issue. Donald Trump would be 78 years old at the start of his theoretical second term if he ran again and won.

However, the problem gets exacerbated deeper into the swamp. Senior citizens make up more than half of the Senate.

They have no reason to dread the $20 trillion in debt that they assisted in amassing, given that the majority of them are extremely affluent.

Independent of her recently departed spouse, who left her over a billion dollars, Feinstein amassed a personal fortune of nearly $100 million during her career in public service.

Feinstein, like Pelosi, a fellow multimillionaire, has come under fire for utilizing her public position to pad her own personal coffers. 

Feinstein appears to have been a victim of her enablers’ elder abuse.

Californians account for the remaining 40 million victims. Pelosi is meant to work for them, but doing so would jeopardize her and the whole gerontocracy’s survival.