The Border Situation’s Planned Design

Americans are in the middle of our country’s biggest immigration catastrophe ever. The number of criminal apprehensions rose to a record high in 2021 and is expected to rise again in 2022. 

The Biden leadership’s new decision to cancel Title 42, a public health crisis decree, would result in a new surge of illegal immigration to the border. 

Trafficking and a significant flood of narcotics and other contraband have increased along with the massive increase in illegal crossings, further destroying communities and benefiting Mexican gangs.

No Interest in the Safety of the Nation

The Biden presidency has shown little interest in protecting the border or combating massive immigration fraud during the last 14 months.

In every case, the administration has chosen to halt the building of the effective border wall system or to abrogate bilateral agreements that led to a more secure border.

Without any border infrastructure work, catch-and-release was in full force, and the tide of illicit crossings was never-ending.

Unlike previous administrations, this one does not see a crisis of illicit activity at the border. They perceive a problem with capacity. They are not concerned with the number of illegal immigrants, but rather with speeding up the process.

Funding and Support

Since assuming office, the Biden presidency has granted tens of millions of dollars to NGOs that help migrants find housing and jobs.

They’ve also pledged millions of public cash to help migrants fight deportation.

The Biden Budget for Fiscal Year 2023 provides $4.5 billion in legal defense for unlawful immigrants over ten years.

Spending billions on illegal immigrant solicitors is a blatant smack in the face of Americans who can no longer afford gas, due to lousy energy policy and inflation.

Border security is jeopardized again by Biden’s new budget. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) expects a $150 million budget decrease and a 25% reduction in migrant bed capacity.

Fewer beds implies less space to keep deportees, prompting ICE to release them into the US interior.

Substantial change can occur outside of the budget. The Departments of Homeland Security and Justice Department recently announced a minor modification to how they will assess asylum petitions at the border.

Typically, an immigration judge at the DOJ decides if a person’s asylum application is valid. The procedure is extensive, but it is necessary to guarantee only people with credible asylum claims are awarded asylum.

Failure to do so weakens the system and mocks real refugees and hardworking taxpayers.

With Biden’s new rule change, unelected bureaucrats at US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) would make final decisions on asylum requests.

Based on recent events, this adjustment would not boost the system’s integrity, but likely increase the number of illegal aliens entering the country with fraudulent asylum claims.

It’s difficult to look objectively at the Biden administration’s policy shifts and budget goals and conclude the border instability isn’t on purpose.

The White House must cease prioritizing politics before national security and restore border confidentiality and reliability to the immigration system.