Republican Makes ‘Good Governance’ Appeal for Suburbs Chicago House Seat

Keith Pekau, a Republican who lives in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District, is running for Congress because he thinks good government and fiscal responsibility are important.

Experienced and Qualified

Pekau, 55, is the current mayor of Orland Park, a suburb of Chicago. Notwithstanding his campaign website’s major commitment to combating “far-left radicalism,” Pekau is hardly a cultural fighter. 

In a discussion, the first-time congressional candidate stated he is running for the House due to his diverse experience. These qualifications include serving as a military vet, small businessman, and mayor.

Pekau also made clear this service uniquely qualifies him to address critical issues confronting the newly reconfigured 6th Congressional District.

Pekau liquidated his forestry service and landscaping business in 2019, halfway through his term as mayor. He bought the little company 16 years ago and then expanded into landscaping.

After doing this, he saw a 600% increase in sales during his time there. He now uses his MBA from Duke as an occasional business consultant, focusing on helping businesses develop growth plans. 

There is a possibility that Pekau defeats the four other Republicans competing in the GOP primary for the 6th Congressional District. In that case, he will face either Rep. Marie Newman or Rep. Sean Casten, facing off in the general election.

The new 6th Congressional seat is more Democratic than it was before redistricting. This seat might flip in a Republican wave, something which has not been ruled out this year.

A Man of Action

However, Pekau’s competitive nature and light blue hue have him focusing on kitchen-table concerns.

These concerns include very pressing matters, such as rising prices and violence, good government, and excessive government expenditures in Washington.

This marks a notable contrast to the cultural and social issues that usually dominate Republican-leaning districts. When asked what he has to confront far-left leadership, the candidate stated “common sense leadership” as his answer.

Pekau expects his Republican primary opponents to campaign on restoring economic prudence and good government procedures to Washington.

“I’ve done it,” he added, referring to his efforts as Orland Park’s mayor to decrease government income, regulate the city workers’ pension funds, reduce the city’s overall budget, and increase the efficiency of the city’s personnel.

The congressional candidate also made sure to claim his Republican opponents would run on lowering crime in the area. As many people know, crime has spread over from Chicago and thrived. Getting rid of crime is exactly what they should want to do.

“Crime is the primary concern in the 6th District,” he stated before referencing his tenure as Orland Park’s chief executive officer.

“Our level of crime has decreased each year I’ve served as mayor. Even though they are going to discuss crime, I’ve taken action.”