Mississippi Gov. Bans Critical Race Theory

In a signing ceremony on Monday, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves signed legislation prohibiting the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the state’s public schools.

According to the law, public educational institutions may not teach students “any sex, race, ethnic background, religious doctrine, or nationality is inherently inferior or superior. “

These institutions are also barred from teaching that “people should be detrimentally treated on the ground of sex, racial group, ethnicity, religious doctrine, or national origin.”

Absurd Concepts

Affected by the statute are Mississippi’s public K-12 schools, as well as the state’s public universities and community institutions.

Even though all of the chamber’s black senators held their votes and stormed out in protest, the law was enacted by the Republican-controlled state Senate back in January.

The bill was enacted earlier this month by the state House, controlled by Republicans.

According to CRT, racism is structural and permeates every facet of American society.

It also serves as a clarification for all “inequities” that exist between different races. Across the nation, it has become a contentious subject among parents who are involved in school districts.


Child victims are being dragged to the front of classrooms and forced to declare themselves oppressors. According to the governor, they are being taught to feel responsible because of the color of their skin or to believe they are inherently victims because of their race.

Mississippi is taking another step today to ensure these children receive balanced and impartial education to fulfill their full potential as individuals, rather than as liberal operatives.

Other States

The Mississippi governor said he expected critical race theory proponents to charge the state with depriving students of the opportunity to learn about “important historical events,” such as slavery or the Civil Rights Movement, an assertion he termed “flat-out false.”

In his words, “all components of Mississippi history and all parts of American history, both the good and the ugly, should be taught in our classrooms, period.”

According to the Associated Press, Mississippi Superintendent of Education Carey Wright stated CRT is not taught in Mississippi’s K-12 public schools.

Ten states have passed legislation to curtail the use of CRT in schools; these include Mississippi, Idaho, and Oklahoma. Other states that have passed legislation include New Hampshire, Texas, Tennessee, Iowa, South Carolina, North Dakota, and Arizona.

Over two dozen additional states enacted comparable legislation or regulations, though not all have seen their provisions put into effect.

The majority of the bills, including Mississippi’s, do not identify or define CRT specifically, but instead refer to ideas associated with the ideology.

The rules vary from state to state, but they generally prohibit teaching the premise the United States is an inherently racist country, as well as the discussion of concepts like unconscious and conscious prejudice, privilege, discrimination, and injustice.

The concept itself is crude; it is pleasing to see the government stepping up to hinder it.