Incidents Like the Texas Massacre Justify Homeschooling

On Tuesday, an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, was the scene of a shooting started by an 18-year-old.

The shooting resulted in the deaths of at least 19 kids and two adults. The shooter, who was killed by law enforcement, earlier issued a warning to “the kids to look out” on social media.

Tragedies like the massacre in Texas are incredibly upsetting, but unfortunately, they are all too common.

Since 2018, there have been 119 shooting incidents at schools, each of which resulted in the injury or death of at least one person. 

Outrage and Blame

To find a solution, members of the general public are taking to social media to point fingers, transfer blame, and demand stricter gun control laws.

However, to save the lives of the most vulnerable and defenseless individuals among us, parents are obligated to teach their children at home.

It is apparent now that families can’t trust state schools, in particular, to bring their children or instructors home safely at the close of the school day. This is clear from the extensive number of school shootings in recent years.

The very same schools that discipline pupils for “misgendering” people and keep lesson plans secret from parents are just not able to keep your children safe from danger.

Some school districts commit time and resources to the process of vetting, training, and licensing educators to possess firearms in their classrooms.

However, the vast majority of states and school districts have policies that expressly prohibit teachers from carrying firearms on school property for the purpose of self-defense.

Instead, they establish zones around schools that are gun-free zones. They give just one or two security officers permission to carry weapons that are designed to defend hundreds of people in an emergency. 

Democrats, on a national level, have been successful in their efforts to prevent government funds from being used to arm teachers and otherwise prepare them for the worst-case scenario.

Simple Solution

Children should be able to study in an environment that is free from danger.

However, claiming that “guns have no place here” would simply prevent decent individuals who have the safety of children as their main priority from being able to defend them.

When their children are at home, parents do not have to worry about going through “insane processes” to protect them from being shot, the agony of seeing their peers killed, or even horrific shooting drills. 

They live and teach in a restricted setting, which allows for the carrying of firearms for self-defense, while also allowing for secure storage of firearms when they are not in use.

There are some things that you simply cannot shield your children from. There is no way to know when a crazed shooter will start shooting in a public place like a supermarket or a movie theater.

Keeping children close, on the other hand, is the best way to keep them from becoming easy targets in places like schools that are often attacked.

Educational choice does not shield children from adversity or risk.

It does provide every mother and father with the opportunity to fulfill their parental obligation to love, defend, instruct, and encourage their children until they are adequately prepared to leave the nest, without the need for bulletproof backpacks.