GOP Urges Biden to Increase Heat on China Regarding Russia

Republicans urge the Biden presidency to do more to persuade China to stop supporting Russia’s assault on Ukraine and warn Chinese ruler Xi Jinping of the implications if he continues to do so.

China, on the other hand, is supporting Kremlin stories that justify the fight and blame the US and NATO.

Phone Call and Worries

Last week, President Biden spent two hours with Xi, in which China blamed NATO for the attack.

According to the White House, Biden told Xi if he helped Russia with material things, he would have to pay the price.

Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher informed the Washington Examiner, “President Biden’s chat with General Secretary Xi Jinping allegedly failed to persuade China to remain neutral.”

“The fact is China supported Putin’s war from the start. They’ve initiated a new Cold War against the West.”

Rep. Michael Turner, the senior Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, wants a briefing from National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

Even though multiple high-ranking Biden agency officials stated the penalties were supposed to stop or end the invasion, Biden said on Thursday sanctions never dissuade.

In response to Russia’s provocative attack on Ukraine, Rep. Michael McCaul, the senior Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, stated Monday, “They are involved.”

McCaul said the US must use technical and financial penalties on Xi’s dictatorship until it shows it is backing away from a precipice that leads to open hostility.

At a news conference on Thursday, McCaul stated the US should impose export curbs on Chinese state-owned businesses, including Semiconductor Manufacturing International Company and 5G tech leader Huawei.

He cited concerns that US cash flows were aiding China in enhancing its military. He claimed the US authorized $40 billion for the semiconductor sector and $60 billion for Huawei, which “has to cease.”

New Bill

The Crippling Unhinged Russian Belligerence and Chinese Participation in Putin’s Schemes Act was proposed last week by Republican senators.

The bill specified sanctions against Chinese banking firms that clear, confirm, or settle dealings with Russian or Russian-controlled banking firms would be required.

On Friday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was questioned about China and Russia.

Yellen told CNBC it’s neither necessary nor appropriate. “Senior administration officials speak privately with China to explain our position.”

On Saturday, McCaul said he was “greatly worried” by the Biden administration’s “inability to recognize the mounting danger posed by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Amid Russia’s military escalation on Ukraine’s border, Putin and Xi announced a broad strategic relationship “without limitations” in February.

Since the invasion began, China avoided criticizing Russia. It’s unclear what the US says about China’s “at least tacit support” for Russia’s incursion, but China has blamed it many times before.

“I think they’ll be unable to stop themselves and offer financial assistance for the war, and maybe military material for the Russians,” said Matt Pottinger, a senior Trump deputy national security advisor.