Georgia, Maryland Halt Gas Taxes to Combat High Prices

In response to the continued rise in gasoline costs for American customers, two states have postponed their gas taxes to assist the people.

Duration of the Suspensions

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed bills, suspending the states’ gasoline tax on Friday.

Several other states, notably Michigan, California, and New Hampshire, have proposed or endorsed a prospective gas tax break in recent times.

Still, Georgia and Maryland would be the first to implement such measures. Maryland’s law suspends the state’s gas tax for 30 days. Georgia’s law suspends the tax until May 31.

At a news conference and before signing the measure into law, Hogan lauded the bill, which passed quickly and overwhelmingly in Maryland.

Hogan expressed gratitude to Maryland’s state lawmakers for adopting the law and making the state the first in the nation to enact such a provision.

“This bipartisan action will alleviate some of the pain at the pump. It is made possible by the careful fiscal policies we have implemented, which resulted in a record budget surplus,” Hogan said.

“Of course, this is not a panacea. Market volatility will continue to cause price changes, but we will continue to employ every tool available to Marylanders.”

Kemp announced the gas tax suspension in a video broadcast to Twitter on Friday.

“The average price of a gallon of petrol has grown by 59 percent since March 2021. Studies now estimate the typical American household will pay an additional $2,000 per year, as a result of increasing fuel costs and sky-high inflation,” Kemp added.

“While some of the current price increases are attributable to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Georgians are well aware that Washington, D.C., politics, and policies were pushing inflation to record levels even before Putin’s heinous acts.”

The Biden Administration

Kemp chastised the Biden administration for stifling domestic energy production and pushing inflation, while seeking to deflect blame away from themselves.

Kemp then lauded Georgia’s minimal government and pro-business atmosphere.

“Today, I signed House Bill 304, which suspends the state’s gas tax collection temporarily and alleviates the hardship people are facing at the pump,” Kemp stated.

“We can’t fix everything Washington has done, but we are doing our best to lessen the financial damage.”

Earlier this month, gasoline prices soared to all-time highs.

Although prices have fallen marginally, scientists warn the summertime travel season and changeover to more costly summer mix gasoline will almost certainly result in another price spike.

While state legislators consider gas tax holidays, Democrats in Congress have floated a variety of proposals, such as withdrawing the federal gas tax and increasing stimulus spending.

This comes in an attempt to find a solution to rising gasoline prices, which are anticipated to be a topic of discussion in the 2022 midterm elections.

According to Axios, the White House proposed handing people gas cards, but the proposal was criticized as cumbersome and useless, with the potential to aggravate inflation.

Meanwhile, Republicans encourage the Biden administration to take a more fundamental approach to revive American energy output.