‘Gender-X’ Passports Could Be Requested By 1.4% of Nonbinary, LGBTQ Americans

The Williams Institute at UCLA projected how many nonbinary, LGBTQ individuals residing in the US might ask for a “Gender-X” marker on their passports.

According to the report, “We anticipate that each year, 1.4% of the nonbinary LGBTQ community in the United States, or 16,700 people, may apply for passports with an X gender designation.”

In jurisdictions that allow it, this estimate reflects the current demand for X gender identifiers on driver’s licenses.

Driver’s Licenses

According to the report, “the average annual number of driver’s licenses with X gender markers granted in the 18 states with data available (13,804) was multiplied by 0.425 to estimate the annual number of passports with X gender markers sought and issued in these jurisdictions (5,866).”

As a result, “the predicted number of nonbinary LGBTQ people aged 18–60 who would seek passports with an X gender designation every year (1.37 percent)” was calculated.

To determine the number of passports with X gender markings issued every year, the percentage was multiplied by the expected number of nonbinary, LGBTQ individuals aged 18–60 (1.219.000).

The study highlighted the anticipated value is based on many assumptions. It also said younger people are more likely to say they are “nonbinary” than older people.

According to The Hill, 21 states and DC now allow people to pick an “X” gender marking on driver’s licenses.

Initial Release of the ‘X’ Identification

Starting this month, Americans can choose “X,” instead of “male” or “female” on their passports.

During her introduction of the “X” inclusion, US Special Envoy for LGBTQ Rights, Jessica Stern remarked that people “do not necessarily fall into a male or female category throughout the world.”

A third gender marker will help the US better account for the variance of gender identification, gender expression, and sex characteristics among its citizens.

In June of last year, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the State Department would be taking more steps to make sure LGBTQI+ US citizens are treated equally, no matter what their gender or sex is.

If an applicant’s self-selected gender doesn’t match their other citizenship or identification documents, they will no longer demand medical certification.

“A gender indicator for non-binary and intersex people, as well as gender non-conforming people applying for a passport or a CRBA, is being considered,” he said.

The TSA is also revising its gender-marking policy for “TSA PreCheck.”

The ‘X’ gender marker option on the TSA PreCheck® application is intended to appropriately indicate passenger gender and maintain pace with identity documents that feature the ‘X’ gender marker option.

“TSA plans to finish this upgrade by year’s end,” it said. The action comes as the Biden administration pushes for more transgender-friendly regulations.

The Biden administration said last week on “Transgender Day of Visibility” that every American deserved to be themselves.

However, institutional impediments, prejudice, and violence still exist for transgender Americans.