Civil Strife in Pennsylvania Leaves One Police Officer Dead, Two Wounded

On Thursday, a police officer was murdered. Two others were injured in an altercation in which the policemen responded to a “domestic dispute” in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. 

At a press conference, Lebanon Mayor Sherry Capello confirmed the development. However, the identities of the cops involved and the accused have not yet been revealed.

Reports on the Scene

“Police responded to a disturbance complaint at a residence in the city at approximately 3:30 p.m.”

“Nearly an hour later, shooting erupted, and officers radioed that they had been shot,” Capello said during a brief news conference, according to the Associated Press. 

Following the incident, the three policemen were airlifted to the hospital. One was critically injured, but has since been stabilized, and the other was in steady condition.

One of the three officers carried to the hospital died, it was confirmed. 

Chief Todd Breiner of the Lebanon Police Department said that a person involved in the event had also been murdered.

Although the suspect’s identity has not yet been revealed, it is known that he was a 34-year-old Lebanon resident at the time of the incident. 

“As one might expect, it’s a horrible experience,” Breiner observed. “Our troops are tough, but we’re still human, and we have families,” says the captain.

It was “an exceedingly tough time for everyone,” Capello continued, adding that the scenario was “a horrible moment for everyone who was involved.” 

Drunk Motorist

A drunk motorist allegedly slammed into the vehicle of two other Pennsylvania law enforcement officers last week.

He killed them both, seconds after they released the accused driver to respond to a different call. 

State police Branden T. Sisca, 29, and Martin F. Mack III, 33 had managed to pull over 21-year old Jayana Tanae Webb since they presumed her to be driving while under the influence.

However, before they could take any further action, they had to leave the site to attend to a pedestrian who had been wandering along the side of the highway. 

According to police reports, Webb then allegedly slammed her vehicle into the law enforcement officers and the pedestrian, killing all three of them.

Afterward, she was arrested for homicide by a car while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, third-degree murder, DUI, and other offenses. 

It was reported by Fox 29 that “the impact of the crash pushed both policemen into the northbound lanes and pulled both of their SUV’s driver-side doors off their vehicles.

After that, Webb’s vehicle came to rest on the outside shoulder of the southbound lanes, and she remained at the location until she was apprehended and arrested.” 

“Law enforcement sources tell FOX 29 that a 21-year-old motorist had a blood alcohol concentration exceeding the legal limit,” the correspondent continued.