Black-Clad Group Crashes Conservative Function, Forcing Police to Shelter Students

The University of North Texas reacted after black-clad demonstrators forced cops to hide one conservative undergraduate in a closet before transporting her to safety. 

“Conversations around the student organization’s event, which was centered on outlawing healthcare for transgender kids, have been controversial,” said UNT President Neal Smatresk on Thursday evening.

At the occasion, Jeff Younger, a contender and father of a transgender kid spoke. 

Security and Safety

According to Smatresk, Denton Police and the Texas Department of Public Safety were contacted in advance.

Due to space constraints and safety concerns, it was restricted to 80 people, he said.

“A few hundred demonstrators chanted and held signs outside the building. Public safety and law enforcement agencies were both inside and outside the facility. As a safeguard, DPS officers were stationed nearby.”

The president said police believe a small handful of non-university activists turned the peaceful protest into an “aggressive encounter.”

He went on to say protesters swarmed police officers escorting the guest speaker and student leaders off-campus. “DPS was called in to help keep people safe.” 

The UNT president said police deployed emergency lights and warning sirens to safely evacuate the scene when several protesters approached the student organizers’ and their guests’ cars. 

“We heard of a demonstrator being injured,” he stated.

The report’s details are unverified. While there were some minor mishaps, no significant casualties were reported. UNT police and other agencies safely removed the student organizers and their visitors, while dispersing the protestors.

The president stressed UNT always “promoted freedom of expression” and is pleased with “students’ ability to speak up for themselves and engage in peaceful protests.”

“UNT police have labored tirelessly to develop and maintain a safe atmosphere for all students to express themselves,” he said. “They will continue to endeavor to ensure the safety of the students on campus.”

“Though some people’s behavior Wednesday night was not representative of the UNT I know and love.”

Antifa Activists?

The comment comes after a report that black-clad protestors chanted and heckled a university student and Jeff Younger, the father of a transgender child.

Neidert was afraid for her life while trying to record it all from the janitor’s closet, she was chased into the building with a police officer. Both Younger and Neidert claim Antifa supporters attacked them. 

When asked if the increasing organization he cited in his remark was Antifa, Smatresk declined to comment. The Texas Department of Public Safety and Denton Police Department did not reply to requests for comment.

“This all started with the video I posted of a student approaching me in the library over my fliers, and after students realized what the flyers were for, it snowballed,” Neidert told the Daily Wire on Thursday.

“This, along with his Republican primary victory on Tuesday, I believe added to the students’ and Antifa people’s hatred and vitriol.”

“I thought there would have been protests and fury, but not to this extent,” he said.