Binghamton University Professor Introduces Odd Rule in Class

A professor teaching a sociology class at Binghamton University modified her syllabus to inform students “non-white people” will be given preference when selecting students to participate in classroom discussions. 

The curriculum in question was for a course named “Social Change-Introduction to Sociology,” which will be offered this spring by professor Ana Maria Candela.

If You’re Privileged, You Must Be Quiet

Per a copy of the syllabus, the lecturer engages in “progressive stacking” during classroom debates; “non-white persons” are given priority when being called upon to participate.

According to the course syllabus, “this means we make an effort to give preference to non-white persons, women, and shy and quiet individuals who rarely put their hands up.”

As stated by the syllabus, “if you are white, male, or a person who is advantaged by the gender and race frameworks of our society to be easily voiced and understood, we will almost always ask you to hold off on your comments.”

“We’ll also ask you to hold off on questions to give others preference, and we will return to you a bit later or at another time.”

Candela noted in the syllabus the policy is intended to assist privileged individuals in “holding space” for those who are “less comfortable speaking initially.”

”In practice, it has shown us those who feel the most entitled to speak start to make an effort to hold space for those who feel less comfortable talking first.”

“In the process, those who tend to be more silent in our society begin to feel more comfortable expressing themselves.”

“For obvious reasons, when we learn to give people the space and attention they deserve and listen to those whose views are normally ignored or muted, our society as whole benefits tremendously,” according to the curriculum.

Campus Reform was the first to break the news of the incident.

The University’s Handbook

A spokeswoman for Binghamton University told Fox News Digital the professor’s syllabus violated the university’s faculty staff policy and the syllabus has been changed to eliminate the section on “progressive stacking.”

“Several principles of good teaching are outlined in the Faculty-Staff Handbook, including valuing and encouraging student feedback, promoting proper faculty-student engagement, and recognizing students’ different skills and learning styles.”

“We do not doubt the syllabus phrase you have brought to our attention is a violation of those fundamental standards. Since then, the faculty member revised their course to eliminate the problematic portion; they are now in conformity with the Faculty-Staff Handbook,” according to the spokesman.

A spokesman for the university also stated faculty members make an effort to engage “all” students in conversations.

Needless to say, this race-based curriculum has triggered a lot of backlash from people who aren’t on board with discriminatory, woke agendas.