Biden’s Border Security Czar Chris Magnus is Given His Marching Orders

The border security head for President Biden has now been given the following ultimatum: quit or be dismissed.

Magnus Gets Deported From His Job

Chris Magnus, the leader of US Customs and Border Patrol, is being fired as the total number of unlawful border crossings reached record levels in the financial year 2022, according to sources speaking to the AP on Friday.

Magnus, a 61 year old, stated in a message to the Los Angeles Times, which first reported the demand, that he will not resign after Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas requested him to reevaluate his position on Wednesday.

Magnus stated that he is thrilled with the achievements he has made and looks forward to persisting with this effort.

Despite the purported “improvement,” a record-breaking 2,4 million migrants were halted at the US-Mexico border during the financial year that concluded on September 30 a 37% increase from the previous year.

Mayorkas’s alleged demand came within weeks after News houses revealed that Magnus was absent from or dozing through crucial sessions regarding the ongoing immigration influx.

At the time, an administrative insider told the publication that he was not in the game.

Insider: What the ‘F*ck’ Is This?

the insider went on to say that each time there’s a session with him there, a decision will be reached, and then Magnus will bring up some side topic, and everyone thinks, “What the f–k is going on?”

Within the same document, Magnus was rightfully accused of disparaging other agencies to colleagues and higher-ups, failing to establish the necessary alliances to confront the huge increase of illegal crossings, and becoming more worried with allegations of racial profiling and violence toward rank-and-file officials than stemming the mass of migrants.

Brandon Judd, the head of the National Border Patrol Council, expressed his satisfaction with Magnus’s leaving.

Judd stated that he thinks it’s a good idea. He was focusing on ideas that would merely encourage greater illegal conduct. Had he adopted the car chase policy, it would only have increased criminal activity.

Magnus, a retired police head in Tucson, Arizona, Fargo, North Dakota, and Richmond, California, revealed earlier that he was reviewing the criteria for officials to pursue automobiles after a series of tragic crashes.

He was also responsible for the study that concluded Border Patrol officers on horseback employed “unwarranted” violence against a band of Haitian immigrants in Del Rio, Texas, in September of last year, even though there wasn’t proof that any of the migrants were lashed with reins.

Border Crisis Out of Control

Magnus’ deadline is part of a bigger reorganization planned at the DPT of Homeland Security in response to Biden’s continuing border crisis, in which officials have struggled to manage the surge of migrants entering the United States.

It also occurs as the Republicans get closer to assuming the House majority in January and is anticipated to initiate investigations into the border scandal, with Mayorkas’ impeachment openly mentioned.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.