Biden Hits Record Low Ratings

President Biden’s favorability rating has plunged to a new low, per a new Reuters/Ipsos poll. The poll asked, “Overall, do you favor or dislike the way Joe Biden is operating his presidency?” 

1% of responders approved of Biden, while 56% disapproved. According to the regular Reuters/Ipsos poll, this is the lowest approval rating and the greatest disapproval rating since Biden’s presidency. 

Republicans agreed at a rate of 14%, Independents at 34%, and Democrats at 71%. 

Progress in the Nation?

Additionally, the study questioned, “Would you say things are making progress in this country, or are they traveling in the opposite direction?”

86 percent of Republicans and 67% of Independents believe things are steering in the “wrong direction.” 41% of Democrats believe things are headed in the “wrong direction,” while 40% believe things are steered in the “right direction.” 

Per the survey, the most pressing problem for 25% of responders was “the economy, joblessness, and employment.”

“Public health, sickness, and illness” came in second place with 13%. In third place, “crime or corruption” garnered 10% of the vote. 

According to party affiliation, “economy, joblessness, and employment” were the primary concerns for Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, correspondingly, at 26%, 18%, and 34%. 

“Immigration” came in second place for Republicans. Democrats tied for the second position with “public health, sickness, illness” and “medical system.”

For Independents, the second most significant topic was a tie between “violence or corruption” and “health care system.” 

Worst President Ever?

For some while, President Biden’s approval numbers have been declining.

As of publication, Biden’s approval rating is 41.3 percent, while his disapproval rating is 54.4 percent, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average. 

Per the latest ten polls, the president’s approval rating has ranged from 38% to 59%. 

As Tim Pearce of the Daily Wire noted, a recent Rasmussen poll indicated most “eligible voters” feel Biden will go down in the history books as “one of the worst” presidents. 

Biden had by far the most negative ratings of the group, with 54% of respondents stating the existing president will be recognized as one of the worst presidents in history.

Only 15% of respondents believe Biden would be regarded as one of the best, while 25% think he will be remembered as ordinary.

Biden fared the lowest among Republican likely voters, with 74% believing the sitting president would go down in history as one of the worst.

Biden’s poor perception among Democrats, at 28%, was more than double that of Obama, at 13%. Among many Independents, 62% believe Biden would be recognized as one of history’s worst presidents, relative to 42% for Trump and 33% for Obama. 

Vice President Kamala Harris is also struggling, with her unfavorability ratings being high. While 42% of Americans approve of Harris, 50.9 percent disapprove, according to FiveThirtyEight’s polling average. 

According to FiveThirtyEight, Harris has been polling below 50% approval since about mid-October; she’s been unable to break beyond the 45 percent approval threshold since.