Biden Now Hiding Border Security Information

Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post did a great job exposing DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ false claim that migrants who give up their asylum cases “are quickly deported from the United States.”

Kessler found that more than one million illegal immigrants have been granted deportation orders, and have yet to leave.

Others disappeared, which is made worse by the fact that tens of thousands of illegal immigrants arrive in the United States every month.

Texas’ Lawsuit

Though when did Kessler acquire this information?

The statistics are not on the DHS website. For the first 100 days of the Biden presidency, all deportations were to be halted, according to a statement issued to a federal district court on January 21, 2021.

When President Biden took office, this was the total of migrants with deportation orders, who had not been deported.

That number has risen since Biden began relaxing immigration laws, but Biden has not revealed the current figure.

In January 2021, Texas petitioned the Biden administration. Therefore, we have data until January 2021. We wouldn’t have this data without the lawsuit. Kessler couldn’t fact-check it.

The DHS’s “Enforcement Lifecycle” statistics help put the entire deportation figures in perspective. Though, as Kessler points out, the latest comprehensive report online uses 2020 statistics. Biden’s team hasn’t released the statistics for 2021 yet.

According to Kessler, as of March 2022, Biden allowed 993,225 people to be apprehended for illegally crossing the southern border into the United States.

Nowhere on the DHS’s website are the figures. Kessler only gets the data because a Texas federal court ordered the DHS to release it periodically.

Facts and Figures

According to Kessler, the Biden government deported only 29,000 illegal immigrants since September 2021. This is from ICE’s FY2021 report. However, compared to previous years, the FY2021 report is significantly shorter and less thorough.

How many of the 29,000 people were detained and deported only because they were denied asylum? It doesn’t say. However, 66% of those removed were convicted felons, implying most individuals deported were not deported for losing their asylum petition.

Biden arrested over a million illegal border crossers and released them into the US. Biden deported thousands of people who arrived illegally and later lost their asylum petitions.

The migrants know these figures because their relatives and family already here have been permitted in and are not being reported. That’s why, if Title 42 is lifted, additional people will flood the border.

If Biden wants to undo the harm his immigration rules have done to his administration, he must first be honest with the people.

The public shouldn’t have to fight the federal government to learn how many illegal immigrants are allowed into the US each year. We need to know how many illegal immigrants are removed each month.

Nobody should believe Biden on immigration unless he comes clean and gives real, up-to-date, and complete statistics.