As Users Quit Netflix, Elon Musk Cites the ‘Woke Mind Virus’

In a tweet late Tuesday night, Elon Musk blamed a decline in Netflix’s share price on the “woke mind virus,” which he claims renders the streaming service unbearable to watch.

Netflix announced on Tuesday that it lost 200,000 customers in the first quarter of 2022; it expects to lose a further two million subscribers in the second quarter.

After-hours activity in the company’s stock saw its shares decline by more than 20%.

Woke Culture

Musk replied on Twitter in response to a Slashdot piece about Netflix’s troubles, saying “the woke mind disease is making Netflix unwatchable.”

The “woke mind virus,” according to machine learning developer Pranay Pathole, is the greatest threat to civilization, and Musk responded with a straightforward yes.

Netflix has gotten bad reviews from people who don’t like its woke ideology and sexually explicit content on many different occasions.

Ibram X. Kendi, a Boston University professor and proponent of Critical Race Theory, collaborated with Netflix to convert his book “Antiracist Baby” into an animated children’s program.

Among others who have joined Kendi in the initiative is Chris Nee, the producer of the Disney Junior smash “Doc McStuffins.”

“Antiracist Baby” introduces younger readers and the adults in their lives to the concept and power of antiracism. According to a Netflix announcement, Kendi himself will be producing the show.

Conversely, Kendi’s book “Stamped from the Beginning” — which contends that “racist ideas are alive and strong in America” — will be filmed.

It is planned that a third Kendi play will revolve around “Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You,” which is aimed squarely at the young adult audience.

Documentaries and Sexualizing Girls

Colin Kaepernick, a former San Francisco 49ers QB who earned fame for taking a knee during the National Anthem, and subsequently stating the NFL draft had a similarity to slavery, will be the subject of a Netflix documentary series they started shooting in October 2020.

As the series’ director stated in a press release, “Colin Kaepernick’s act of protest sparked a national discourse about racism and justice that has far-reaching ramifications for football, culture, and him personally.”

In addition to identification and athletics, Colin’s narrative has much to say about perseverance, dissent, and the spirit of resistance and resilience. “I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this tale with the Netflix crew.”

The premiere of the French film “Cuties” — which shows pre-pubescent girls in sexually suggestive scenarios — sparked an 800 percent increase in Netflix subscription cancellations in the autumn of 2020, according to the company’s data.

A Netflix spokesperson defended the video, claiming it was a “social reflection against the sexual objectification of children in early life.”

Musk is actively aiming to take over Twitter in order to maximize the network’s ability to serve as a platform for free expression.

Some Twitter employees are concerned that Musk’s purchase of a 9.2 percent stake in the social media company would change the company’s “corporate culture” of “inclusivity.”