Any Moniker For Critical Race Theory is Still Destructive

Education officials, woke companies, and liberal politicians are now using language to attack parents and kids.

When parents object to critical race theory, school officials rename it “social-emotional learning.”

They call it “mental health” when parents doubt social-emotional learning. When school authorities say they aren’t teaching the 1619 Project, they are using internet programs that promote the same beliefs.

Name Change

Parents are exposing the renaming game to remove their children from the classroom permanently. Several Idaho school administrators were recently videotaped, ridiculing parents’ concerns and admitting to rebranding.

Nampa School District educational coach Cindy Dion admits to eluding parental concerns.

So far, Dion says they’re simply learning to crawl around the unusual stuff.

“We can’t say social-emotional learning nowadays. That blew out big time. So, now it’s just the mental health program.”

Dion claims her district utilizes Newsela to teach similar principles to the 1619 Project without mentioning it. Newsela is a site that takes stories from sources like the Washington Post and revises them for five literacy levels.

The school leaders are likewise withholding information from parents and government officials. The lieutenant governor “looked everywhere for CRT and found none.”

Thankfully, parents are aware of the renaming game being played in their schools.

Parents throughout America have seen schools claim they aren’t teaching an ideology curriculum as it is being smuggled into classrooms under many guises.

Melissa Langan is the new head academic officer for the Caldwell School District in Idaho. Langan was caught on tape praising her district’s superintendent for rebranding contentious programs as “behavior adjustments” instead of social-emotional development.


More than simply fooling parents is at stake.

‘Wise’ businesses and schools modify the language we use to refer to one another. They do this in the name of “inclusion” and “diversification,” but their ultimate purpose is to eradicate any distinctions between men and women.

For instance, the Walt Disney Company is phasing away gendered visitor welcomes to encourage “inclusion” in its family-focused theme parks.

According to Disney’s diversity and inclusion supervisor, Vivian Ware, parkgoers will no longer hear “ladies and gentlemen” or “boys and girls.” Instead, guests will be called “everyone,” “dreamers of all ages,” or “friends.” 

We must no longer deny the changes. Experts are attacking parental rights in America. Parents are fighting for their children against educators, legislators, notable interest organizations, the CDC, and even woke businesses like Disney, to mention a few.

They spend an excessive amount of time and money to “educate” our youngsters.

This doesn’t work, no matter how much the woke schooling alliance tries to conceal its indoctrination tactics. Parents have the fundamental right to govern their children’s care, schooling, and upbringing.

Stay informed about the misleading language used by public school officials and business CEOs. Spend your hard-earned money on entertainment and education that matches your principles.

As parents, we need to keep standing up to bullies and telling them to stop bothering our kids and stay in their lanes.