An Unprepared Biden Attempts to Divert the Issue from Crime Wave

President Joe Biden isn’t too concerned over his dismal popularity ratings. He has now been compelled to face the significant surge in crime rates.

The long-delayed repudiation of his party’s “defund the cops” message came soon after a police burial, at which the widow chastised Manhattan’s soft-on-crime Democrat DA.

So, better late than never, but Biden’s political evasion won’t halt crime.

It’s clear from his statements the present crime wave will continue, unless many Democrats are removed from government.

The Normal Democrat Gimmick

At a Manhattan conference, Biden urged stricter gun control regulations.

They were a mix of legislation that criminals already skirt through, such as mandatory background checks and rhetorical (on the “iron pipeline”) clampdowns.

Biden’s address followed a long pattern of Democrat crime lectures that coddle offenders and blame small objects for their crimes; like in the early 1990s, when President Bill Clinton condemned gun owners for violence and suggested nighttime basketball as a solution.

Besides the visual ridiculousness, Biden’s method has a severe logical error.

Guns cannot be blamed for a sudden rise in crime if their availability remains steady. There has been no dramatic increase in gun access above what was available in 2019, 2015, or even 2012.

In other words, the sudden rise of shootings in New York, Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Philadelphia can’t be explained by the fact more people can get their hands on guns.

Biden doesn’t appear to have considered any of this.

So, what’s the true reason behind the rise? Many things are, but here’s one hint: much of the increasing national murder rate is attributed to a few big Democrat cities. The crime surge is not in Boise, but Baltimore.

Officers have resigned in places where summer 2020 violence happened and in places where a “defund the cops” attitude led to terrible policy decisions.

Why risk your life to save others and stop criminals when you’ll merely be condemned and stigmatized — and some leftist prosecutor will simply let the offenders go? The internet makes checking for sheriff deputy jobs in small-town Montana considerably easier.

Lesser Penalties for Crime

Also, progressive government lawyers are a new component that helps explain the issue. George Soros regularly supported campaigns for district attorneys in big cities.

Larry Krasner of Philadelphia is a good example. His approach to dealing with criminals is to lower or remove charges against them, then release them back onto the streets to re-offend as quickly as possible.

The findings are clear: Philadelphia had the most homicides ever last year. Crime is rising because of criminal justice reformers like Krasner, who see incarceration as a greater concern than crime.

Biden himself is aggravating problems. He implemented a program that precludes career-criminal illegal immigrants from being deported, allowing them to remain in the United States until they are convicted of the most heinous offenses.

As a result, more people are breaking into homes, defacing public buildings with swastikas, drunkenly driving, and making life in the United States more dangerous and unpleasant for its people.

Wonder what happens when you unleash extra criminals on the public, whether illegal immigrants or red-blooded Americans.

Biden’s speech shows how delusional he is. In November, hundreds of Democrats could lose their seats in federal, state, and local elections because of the crime epidemic.

Something good may yet come out of this.